Sunday, November 7, 2010

Doctor Future, Tom Bionic, and . . . Future Quake!

       This is the first post (I expect to have many more) about the listeners / participants / interviewers / special guests who make up the Future Quake community, and I want to welcome any of them who have found their way to this website.  Join in the conversation and propose topics of your own.

       Future Quake is a unique radio show.  Hosted by "Dr. Future," and co-hosted by "Tom Bionic," the show is broadcast 5 days a week by WENO, an AM station in Nashville, Tennessee.   I don't want to characterize it for you; I want to put an edge on your curiosity.  If you are in the Nashville listening area, tune in; if not, go to the website ( and find the complete  archive of more than five years of broadcasting -- just click on "Past Shows."  Pick a subject that looks interesting.  And when you access one of his audio files, you will be joining literally thousands of people who listen to his show weekly across the world wide web.

       When I think of the Future Quake radio show, my mind goes back to the 60s TV show Secret Agent, which helped establish the careers of the singer, Johnny Rivers, and the actor, Patrick McGoohan.  I remember one episode in which McGoohan's character becomes the disk jockey/announcer of a pirate radio station located in some abandoned outpost in the middle of the North Sea.  He plays the maverick individualist, rather than the urbane establishment-agent James Bond.  (While we're here, I urge you to read about Patrick-McGoohan-the-person in Wikipedia -- read about his own personal individualism, incorruptibility, and morals.  Be refreshed.)

       Which brings me back to Dr. Future.  I remember nights in Nashville, traveling with Dr. Future and "Emmett" to the hillside headquarters of the little (but excellent -- but fun) low-power FM station called Radio Free Nashville, getting there about 10 minutes before live broadcast time, and figuring out how we were going to handle two hours of air time.  (Future wanted to know what I was going to say, and I couldn't tell him -- usually because I didn't know that far in advance!)  I think he did a great job, and I got to put in my two cents worth, too.  Go back and listen to some of the early shows, and see for yourself!

       But better than replaying those early shows, look through some of the more recent archives and see the stature and quality of his guests.  Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, the chief of staff of former Secretary of State Colin Powell;  Judge Andrew Napolitano who has appeared frequently on Fox; Alvin Toffler, the author of the classic book, Future Shock -- oh, I'd better not get started.  There is a whole raft of authors, film producers, economists, pastors, and best of all, some "little people" -- I use the term with the highest respect -- who will amaze you with what they are doing, and what they are thinking.  Hear them all call it like they see it.  Dr. Future asks important questions, seeks significant answers and insights, and always treats his guests, no matter how controversial their ideas may be, with generosity and respect.  (What a relief -- talk radio without the tiresome and unhelpful name-calling.)

       I've got to tell you that Dr. Future has been a great inspiration to me for many years. What a bold doer and thinker.  I began to see it when he was a young student, and I was a young teacher.   I have had the pleasure of teaching many fine students, some of them absolute geniuses -- as they have gone on to prove -- but he was one of the first, and one of the most amazing.  Of course, I am going to mention his early interest in stock car racing, and the nights that he raced his beloved car, "00," (was it a Buick?) at a figure-eight track on the edge of town.  And I really should bring attention to his almost single-handed production of a trilogy of ultra-low-budget movies.  And his fruitful years of scientific research for the U. S. military.  And his interest in making and operating slot-car tracks.

       But more important, from my point of view, is that after he started the Future Quake show, he gave me an education -- first of all taking me with him as a press assistant (were we accredited?) to a convention in Las Vegas, where I got to talk for a long time with the researcher Peter Robbins.  This was followed a few months later by a very important gathering in Los Angeles, where I learned a lot, and I got to meet Dr. Stephen Jones, and the authors Webster Tarpley and James Fetzer.  And a year or so after that, there was a chance to meet Chuck Baldwin at a political convention in Kansas City.

       Dr. Future also introduced me to his friend and co-host, the multi-talented musician and boon companion, Tom Bionic.  Last summer Tom and I had a great road trip to Roswell, where he spoke at a small but important convention, and I got to meet a whole bunch of great people, some of whom have been guests on the Future Quake show.

       Finally, I just recently ran across some members of the Future Quake listening community in my own home town of Louisville.  I know that some of them are already visiting this website.  So come on aboard, friends.  Comment on recent shows, or propose Future topics.   Don't wait for Pyro to be the first one to post.

       Hey, that gives me an idea.  Maybe we can persuade the good Dr. to show up here.  Look for him to appear, sooner or later, in the comments section.  And you too, Tom.





  1. I too was a fan of Secret Agent--have always liked Patrick M. Checked out "future quake." Interesting. Not sure what to make of Napolitano's assertions about 911 and a possible gov't conspiracy leading to the war on terror. I'm not familiar with his book, Lies the Gov't Told You... A problem for me is that if there is this ongoing conspiracy in the federal gov't to consistenly lie to the people, what is the purpose? Who is to benefit? Who is the behind the scenes Mastermind that transcends the parties and time (he states that the Kennedy assassination is a proven gov't conspiracy) to promote this agenda? ( Will have to check out some of the other articles later.)

  2. Part I:

    Dear Bro. Robert and legions of fellow Heid-iacs:

    I am so sorry it took so long for me to respond to this post - I post on blogs so infrequently, that I had forgotten my OPENID password, and had to remember to reset it to then post.

    I am so thrilled to see Robert has responded to my incessant prodding to extent his wisdom, in a permanent and non-oral form, to a wider audience than just the privileged few of us who get to spend precious time with him occasionally - "Check". Now if he will only compile his perspectives into book form...

    Simply put, Robert Heid has influenced my thinking, particularly in matters of worldview and eternal significance, more than any other person on this Earth (my father, mother, brother and a few close friends have also played key roles in various aspects of my beliefs in other areas of my life) - I am not sure that Robert would be willing to take the sole blame for the evolving ideological mess that is "Future Quake", however. The typical process in our relationship is that Robert tells me something so audacious that it shakes my religious (note I did not say "Biblical"), social or political worldviews, which I initially think is preposterous and presume he has lost his sanity, and then slowly over months eventually come to embrace it, after I have become convinced of it in my own mind, and via my own arguments. Over the third of a century I have been under his tutelage as my Socrates (most of which we spent in separate states, and with long lapses in contact), I am now relenting to presume he is right when he shocks me, and anticipate my enventual adoptions of his views, although I am usually a year or so behind him in my journey (thankfully he beats down the bushes and weeds ahead of me along the way).

  3. Part II:

    Like Sydney Poitier in "To Sir With Love", he has "taken me from crayons to perfume". As examples, he has shown me that Christian lifestyles and perspectives should exhibit basic universal virtues of compassion, love and decency to everyone at a minimum - they sound obvious, but I now see how clearly our American Christian culture (of the typical evangelical variety) has departed so much from this path in so many ways that I was heretofore immunized from perceiving. This is exhibited in behaviors such our becoming a Christian "warrior" society that embraces perpetual war and domination, promoting the Dominionist process of merging church and state to give selected "Christian" individual "leaders" the tyrannical power of the state to dominate us in all things spiritual as well as civil, our callousness to the atrocities of torture, detainment without trial and illegal rendition, our manipulation by Christian media leaders of dubious motives and underwriting, our systematic demonization of isolated expressions of religion like Muslims (to serve the economic and political agendas of others), our idol-worship of the American-Christian origins "myth" and American virtue in general, our intentions of meddling in the work of God within the spiritual seedlings known as "Israel" by offering them "salvation" in American might as a substitute for salvation by God, and many, many other facets. I don't mean to imply that Robert embraces the nuances of all my opinions I express, but his leadership has bascially "lit the way" for me to find my own path, as a trail-blazer. Since he and I both come from very traditional conservative political and religious heritages (much of which we both still a largely retain), it has made this process more legitimate and sincere for us (i.e., we are not some "pinko-Commie-liberals", although we have found that even they get some matters partially right at times), and we neither have any intentions of departing from the supremacy of Christ as revealed in Scripture, of the authority of Biblical teaching in general - rather, we seek to grasp it in a deeper, more culture and fad-free fashion. He has also taught me in recent years how to treasure the true concept of "liberty" from both a civil and spiritual basis, and not to be afraid of the libertarian concept of letting people be accountable in moral matters directly to God, rather than to me or others, nor misinterpret it as an affront to Christian values. Most recently, he is teaching me how to tone down my rhetoric and righteous indignation in a spirit of patience, love and empathy for others "elsewhere on the path" in my discourse, both out of respect for others per the "Golden Rule", and to be more effective in swaying opinions, which I am still learning about to date.

    Sorry this post was so long - it probably should rather be a guest post on the blog itself. Long story short - all of you readers will be in for an unforgettable treat when you read this blog regularly - download them to keep them in hardcopy while you can (who knows how long the Internet will last), and PLEASE get everyone you can to read this blog as well.

  4. Part III:

    Thank you, Robert, for your generous promotion of the "Future Quake" show - as we say there, we often "cast swine before pearls", and feature "something there to offend everyone". We belief a sincere discourse that regularly challenges our Christian cultural trappings, while more deeply embracing Biblical truths and the lifestyle of Jesus Himself, is a healthy exercise for all of us. Everyone, please free free to check out archived,.mp3 audio files of our six years of shows (of which we add to every Friday) under the "Past Shows" tab at - we also have brief show descriptions under each show title (including relevant links), and a downloadable one-page Word file with a descriptive press release of each interview show.

    Like "Big Brother", "I'll be watching you", Bro.
    Robert, regularly here at this blog.

    One last important matter - my first stock car I raced was a 1964 Cadillac Coupe Deville, labelled "The Executioner" (with "Jesus Saves" also emblazoned on it), followed by the 1972 Buick and 1966 Ford. I currently drive the "Futuremobile" amongst the masses.

    Mike Bennett ("Doctor Future")

  5. Dear Fellow Futurians,

    Consider this comment section your free range for discussion of anything related to the Future Quake community. I will check in almost constantly at this post; and I suspect that the good Dr. will keep up with our conversation here.

    Also, please notice the earlier post, 'You've Got To Read This Book.' It has a comment section that is intended as a place for you give a pitch -- pro or con -- about interesting books that you have read; and to comment on the comments of others. We all look forward to your contributions to this site.

  6. I wish I were intelligent enough to post on this thread to offer some type of insight. I am just glad that I am a futurian who happened to hear the name "robert heid" at my home church one day. I responded, "YOU GUYS KNOW ROBERT HEID?". I was able to meet Mr Heid in person, having already met him via futurequake, and was literally like a kid meeting his favorite hero, or one of his favorite heroes. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you sir and look forward to it again...

  7. The intelligent part was merely jesting, but I'd rather listen to than talk around people like Dr. Future or Mr.

  8. Thanks for the compliments, Anonymous. But I have to add,
    Nonsense! Both Dr. Future and I are keenly aware of our debt to good friends and good strangers who have taught us everything we know, if we know anything. We are much interested in commentary and original thinking from all.

    I look forward to your participation in the conversation -- under a better name than 'Anonymous,' hopefully, even if it is assumed. ( I call that a "nom de web.")

  9. sweetness! The dude abides!

    Robert you are a saint, in both the biblical sense and in the turn of the century/true friend/man others should look up to as a moral example/ sense.

    While many look up to doctor future, I look down on him each week, but only because he is shorter than I am.
    While Robert is interested in original thinking, (which is to be highly valued!) Of late, I myself am more interested in loving other people radically, as Jesus would love them.
    Perhaps these days, that DOES fall under original thinking, based upon what is upheld as "christian" behavior by many.

    "The Dude: It's like what Lenin said... you look for the person who will benefit, and, uh, uh...
    Donny: I am the walrus. "

    Thomaseis Maximum Bionicus

  10. The Dude: Let me explain something to you. Um, I am not "Mr. Lebowski". You're Mr. Lebowski. I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.