Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanks for September 11 Truth

          I strongly suspect that two years from now, a lot more people will know more truth about what really happened on September 11, 2001, than know now.  It is even possible that that knowledge will become mainstrain; even majority knowledge.  It is possible.

       But even if my prediction does not come true, I want to take the opportunity right now to thank the citizen heroes who did what it took to open my own eyes to the reality behind one of the most historic events of my time.  Though I find that knowledge personally horrifying in several ways, I am thankful that I know.

       The order in which I will list these people is not important; but their names and their contributions are of very great importance.

       Thanks to Dr. Stephen Jones, who discovered, and demonstrated, that the North Tower and the South Tower of the World Trade Center were intentionally brought down by pre-planted explosives, and not by the fires that were caused by the impacts of the airliners themselves.  His training as a metallurgist, and his meticulous integrity developed over a lifetime of research, enabled him not only to show that the "twin towers" were brought down by controlled demolition, but to precisely identify the chemical agent used, from analysis of the dust and debris at "ground zero."   It was thermite, an explosive which is commonly used in situations in the building demolitions industry where it is desirable to "drop" a building on its own footprint.

       Thanks to Dr. James Fetzer and his organization, Scholars For 9/11 Truth, for trying to develop a comprehensive view of what happened, and what may have happened.  His differences with the viewpoint of Dr. Stephen Jones are significant but, in my view, minor and to be expected.  When serious-minded individuals try to understand a complex event, and must face relentless obstruction from the government and the media, with limited resources, they are going to follow different trails and emphasize the significance of different things, at least until more of the hidden facts and relationships can be uncovered.

       Thanks to author Webster Tarpley for his excellent book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made In USA.  His broad historical perspective and long experience as a writer of political matters provides essential context.  He has a wealth of information, and interesting insights, and maintains a website here.

       Thanks to Dr. David Ray Griffin, professor of philosophy and theology, who has written important books on the subject, including The New Pearl Harbor, and Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive? both of which I have read and highly recommend.  I recently had the opportunity to meet him in person at a lecture here in Louisville on what is called "9/11 Truth."  What a good, careful student, teacher, and thinker.

       Thanks to Dylan Avery,  Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas, the young men who produced the documentary Loose Change.  You can read about it here and see it here.

       Thanks to William Rodriguez, who was in the ground floor of North Tower when the first explosion hit on that day -- in the basement below him.  Thanks to him for being willing to tell what he knows, although it totally flies in the face of the official media story.

       Thanks to Alex Jones for helping to organize a 9/11 truth seminar in Los Angeles in 2006.  Thanks to my good friend, Dr. Mike Bennett (Dr. Future), for making sure that I joined him in attending that important event.

       Thanks to many other citizens who have stepped forward to participate in the investigation and the movement, including Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, Jimmy Walker, Charlie Sheen, Ray McGovern, Col. Robert Ray, and hundreds more.

       These people are the real deal -- they are people who are risking their reputations and their friendships for what they know and believe.  I admire them all and consider myself their debtor.

       When, in 2006,  I finally got a clear idea of what had really happened on that day that is said to have "changed everything,"  I honestly felt embarrassed that I had been so greatly fooled for so long.  (After all, I already knew about the John Kennedy murder-cover up.)  It was somewhat comforting and reassuring to find out that many other people, some of them very highly placed professionals, had taken just as long to "see it."

       And I'm thankful for what I would call a second wave of truth seekers -- people who are catching on right now, and those who will do so in the coming months.  Together, we can further act on what we know.

       I now know that "9/11" did not "change everything."  But suddenly realizing the truth about what happened, and considering what was set in motion, and examining what is going on today -- that maybe could change everything.  Well, not everything; but a whole lot.

*       *       *

       Comments welcome.  How did you finally figure it out, and whom do you owe for helping you through the process of realizing it?

       Do you want to mention some important websites?

       Or, if you think I am discussing fantasies here, hop in with your reasons.



  1. My eyes were opened by my brother. When I first heard it, I did not want to believe it. It was one of the most disturbing and frightening things I had ever heard. Even though I did not want to believe it, I could not stop thinking about it. It literally haunted me in my sleep to think that our government could and would do something like that. Because of this I starting researching it myself. Once I started researching it myself, I quickly started to see the logic in these claims. Now I am a firm believer that the attacks on 9/11 was an inside job. Many people have criticized and ridiculed me; some of them being close friends and family. Anytime someone asks me about it it try to tell them some important facts, but I encourage them to do their own research and to come to their own conclusion instead of listening to me ramble on about it (I can talk for days about this subject). I feel this is much more effective and it shows if they really care. I makes me so unbelievably happy to hear someone that I know was skeptical before say that they know the truth now. I believe that as a Christian you should almost expect something like this to happen. I don't see how some "Christians" today support the war in the middle east and feel ok with themselves.

    Anyways, here are some websites that I found to be good sources of information.



  2. I went to your Scholars for 9/11 Truth website and I beg to differ. Fetzer's claim that the CIA fabricated the videos and audios of bin Laden for a full decade after he died is worthless crap. As far as the engineer's claims about how to destroy a tower, they have only partial knowledge of the facts and cannot prove their claims as to how precisely the twin towers fell. I looked this up years ago, and found that due to air space around supporting pillars of the twin towers, jet fuel was able to fall from the location of impact to below ground igniting fires in the underground connecting tunnels. That is how explosions came from below and Tower 7 was destroyed in a similar manner to the twin towers. Some fires were electrical because the same space was used to run cables that connected to the immense transformers. Of course there were many electrical explosions. It appears to me that your sources are manipulating the facts for their own agenda.