Thursday, August 27, 2015

Doctor Future Is Blogging !

     That's right!

     And here's the link, so you need to read no further.

*       *       *

     ( Unless you don't know who Doc Future is.  So I'll give you a quick thumbnail sketch.  Well, three thumbnails. )

     1.  I posted about him and his radio show five years ago (in November, 2010), when this Sycamore Three blog was brand new, and at that time his radio show, Future Quake, was already well into its sixth year.  (That's right, he began broadcasting from Radio Free Nashville in 2005.)  So if you want a quick introduction,  you can read my post right here, right now.

     2.  Since he stopped broadcasting in early 2012, he has been fully engaged in a research-and-book-writing project that he thought would take about a year or so, and produce a book or two.  Well, he has been busy for more than three years, and has now finished the drafts of four lengthy books and is working on at least two more.  (He keeps telling me he wants to get the complete series done before he publishes any.)  Since he has focused completely on this project, his many old friends, and quite a few new ones, have had to depend upon listening to his Future Quake radio archive, or corresponding with him by email.  That has now changed: he is blogging, and welcomes comments.

     3.  His blog-opening post is a very brief autobiographical sketch, which he has entitled "Welcome to an Experiment in Conversation."  Read it here; and take it from there.

     Good that you have an internet presence again, Doc.

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