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. . . there are a helluva lot of "militants' in this world, men. (June 4)

what to remember on Memorial Day. Starting, roughly, with Sand Creek. (May 29)

. . . for Doctor Future. (May 26)

Save your kid, or park your car -- you're gonna pay, buddy. (May 23)

. . . Waking Up, Unplugging? Paul Craig Roberts says, "Yes. But is it fast enough?" (May 19)

How we became a nation of heretics. Ross Douthat's book, reviewed by Eve Tushnet, at The American Conservative. (May 15)

. . . to ban guns! Presented by Norman Horn at Libertarian Christians website. (May 15)

. . . to little children, all the children of the world." Laurence Vance posts the depraved old Army marching tune. (May 14)

Laurence Vance has a follow-up post here. (May 16)

a future? Asks Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. (May 12)

says David Swanson. But the government, and the people, are still happy to ignore her. (May 10)

. . . is the mantra of our government when their state-sponsored atrocities are brought to light.
So then who the hell are we? asks Dan DeWalt. (May 6)

We've been lied to. Paul Craig Roberts gives an overview. (May 6)

. . . to put man on bus to Cleveland! Details of this amazing mission. (May 4)

From The Military
to libertarianism.
Laurence Vance. (May 3)

It Starts With Belief
CREATIVITY, that is. Enjoy this video. Comments welcome at Park Bench. (May 1)

Marine Veteran Says
. . . he's tired of Washington's wars -- and so is the rest of the military. At a Republican convention. (April 30) Thanks, Henry.

Farm Child Labor
. . . proposal is withdrawn by Obama Administration after wave of internet outrage. Natural News. (April 29)

Nutrition Blogger Faces Jail
. . . for telling people how he overcame diabetes. I wonder if any Tea-Party-supporting physicians will stand up for this man's right to free speech. So far, the opponents of Obama-care have been pretty darn quiet about issues like this. Wonder why? Somebody sleeping with Big Pharma? Say it isn't so. (April 26)

The 90-Year-Old Lady
. . . and the 14 year old kid, each have to deal with unruly Baltimore police officers. See how it turns out, in both cases. Stop by the Park Bench, if you'd like to comment. (April 25)

Drug Use Is Bad
. . . BUT KILLING IS OKAY. (April 23)

And here is some follow-up commentary, provided by Laurence Vance, and the video-game generation. Interesting. (April 24)

Bad Mojo For Sarkozy
Tom Chartier wrote this a good while back -- but in honor of the current French election cycle, it's time for another laugh! (April 21)

Sexual Humiliation
How the US uses it as a political tool to control the masses. Naomi Wolf in The Guardian (UK). Has there been any substantial criticism from Christian political types? (April 18)

James Abourezk Speaks Out
. . . against another American war in the Middle East. This former senator from South Dakota tells it like it is, in my humble opinion. (April 17)

Col. Douglas MacGregor . . .
. . . on Two Failed Wars. In an interview with Anthony Wile of The Daily Bell, talks about many more things than the wars in southwest Asia -- US history, the military establishment, globalization, and Ron Paul. (April 17)

Jon Stewart Zeroes In
. . . on the Zimmerman - Trayvon media circus. (April 13)

Shakespeare Said It
"Something wicked this way comes." Charles Goyette on what it is. (April 9)

Hugo Chavez Weeps
and calls on Jesus to spare his life. (April 6)

Rebellion Spreads

Golf Ball Hitting Steel
. . . in ultra-slow motion, in this 36-second video. Fascinating! (April 3)

Topography Of Faith
USA Today publishes statistics for religious affiliation across the country. I find it very interesting. (March 29) Thanks, Allen.

After A Failed Revolution
Konstantin Penzev talks about socialism, today's Russia, and revolutions in the United States. Interesting take. (March 27)

We Interrupt This Program . . .
. . . with technical difficulties that seem to be happening to one candidate, named . . . (March 22) Thanks, castiron.

Deepak Tripatha
"Obama's Delusions of Sanctity" -- cloaking himself with the reputations of Gandhi and Mandela. (March 20) 

Israeli Citizens "Heart" Iranians
. . . on Facebook, at least, says Yahoo News. Anyway, this is amazing, and hopeful. Thanks for the link, Paul. (March 20)

What, My Lai?
Oops, I think I meant to say, "What, Me Lie?" Fred Reed on "Spinning Business As Usual." From Parris Island to Pakistan. (March 20)

Game On!
Rick Santorum and Ronald Reagan -- An alternative view! Laugh a little. (March 13)

From Atlanta to Afghanistan
How the State excuses its mass murder of innocents. Tom DiLorenzo comments at LRC. (March 13)

The Mysterious Zedzed
He was, among many other things, an arms dealer in the later days of the British Empire. Some people said he was "the wickedest man in the world." Some said he was "the richest man in Europe." From the Smithsonian. (March 8) Thanks, Doc.

John Stewart Has Fun
. . . with the Republican candidates, President Obama, and AIPAC. (March 7)

The "Ground Zero Mosque"
. . . was a terrible thing to contemplate, wasn't it? Until you see who was supporting and funding it. Three guesses. (March 6) Thanks, Doc.

Iraqi-Owned Shop Vandalized
. . . in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. But Martin Brooks gets involved, on the side of Jesus and peace. (March 3) 
Beware the Rival!
Prepare for a para-normal experience if you visit this strange rival blog,
Where did it come from?  (February, 2012)

"The US has become such a ridiculous collection of fools that no real crisis can be recognized. Instead, the country is mesmerized by a fake crisis." Paul Craig Roberts on the absurdity of the current Debt-Ceiling Affair. (July 31)
The Breivik Affair in Norway. William Grigg on theMissing Lesson.(July 30)
The BreBreivik Affair in Norway. Here is Justin Raimondo's take. (July 28)
The Breivik Affair in Norway. The view from EU Times. Norway Premier puts in an urgent call to Putin . . . (July 28)
The Breivik Affair in Norway. The view from Argentina. Video is 7:35 long. (July 28)
The Breivik Affair in Norway. The view from Glenn Greenwald. (July 28)
The Breivik Affair in Norway. The view from Ben Carmack. (July 27)

Dr. Future interviews Jesse Ventura during the first half-hour of this internet radio broadcast from Future Quake, July 11. (July 28)

Borders? What Borders? In this May 23 article, Jonathan Rauch comments that "attacking countries we aren't at war with is the new norm." (July 28)

Crossing the Tea. "Evangelicals are not part of the Republican coalition -- they are the coalition." At The American Conservative. (May 11)

A Christian media star gets pretty heavy-handed. Dave Ramsey gets a local producer fired because he mildly criticized him on Twitter. Thanks, Doc. (May 10)

Why shouldn't I work for the NSA? Matt Damon has a couple of old reasons. (May 9)

Glenn Packiam's Christian commentary on the announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden. (May 4)

Yes, Virginia, there IS a link between certain vaccines and autism. Fraudster indicted. (April 26)

A Song for Easter. At Isaac Fox's site, LuxMundi3 (25 April)

The Ludlow, Colorado Massacre, 1914. John D. Rockefeller and the Colorado National Guard team up to murder miners' families with machine guns. Real News Network remembers. (24 April) video 2 minutes.

Good Friday at Yale: ROFL (24 April) Thanks, B and R.

The Day of the Victory of Death. Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy speaks of Holy Saturday. (23 April)

Andrew Hoffman has a great video
 on the subject of masspropaganda. Find it at Chris White's website, here. (23 April)

Mitt Romney Haunted . . . by the Onion! (23 April)

Metanoia, Wendell Berry, and more at this website. (23 April)

Noam Chomsky at Counterpunch : Privatizing the Planet: Is the World Too Big to Fail? (23 April)

Great News! The GOP has fixed the economy! . . . says The Onion (8 April)

Migration of the Black Swans
(6 April)

(5 April)

Joe Bageant Moves On. Fred Reed's thoughts on the passing of a friend and fellow writer. I think it is a "must read," if we want more perspective.
(5 April)
(27 Jan)  Declan McCullagh warns that the "Internet-Kill-Switch Bill" will return.  And no wonder:  it has bipartisan support.  It is a version of the Lieberman-Collins Bill from last session.  Prepare to watch the Disney-trained lemmings fall for it.

(27 Jan) A special representative of the EU insists that "NATO" will have to commit to ANOTHER THIRTY YEARS OF WAR IN AFGHANISTAN.   This will make a 40-year war, presumably to avenge the September 11, 2001 "Attack on America,"  which according to the official US position was committed by 19 Saudi militants armed with boxcutters.  It seems to me that it would make more sense, and better karma,  to attack and obliterate all the Box-Cutter Factories in Saudi Arabia.  Surely that could be done in less than 40 years. . . . There I go, using mockery and sarcasm, when the real truth is that this Af-Pak War business is seriously, seriously immoral.  

(27 Jan)  There has been warning that the recent revolt in Tunisia is a genuinely popular one (unlike the "color" revolutions that the CIA has been sponsoring in the former Soviet Union.  This is creating genuine instability on the "Arab street" as the Arab people grow weary of the corrupt strong-man "pro-Western" leadership that has been foisted upon them by the Anglo-Americans ever since World War I and before.  This is major blowback, people.  Ron Paul was right, and the US Establishment (and its "true believers") has been wrong for generations.  Read Robert Fisk : "A new truth dawns on the Arab world:  Leaked Palestinian files have put a region in revolutionary mood."  Comments welcome, people: are we talking to a black hole here?
(18 Jan)  William Grigg always has good posts, but this one is exceptional for relevance and background.  'Who Gave You Permission To Notice?'  Lots of history; lots of connecting the dots.  Good links.  Plenty of food for thought.  This man is a treasure; like most of the good ones, he is an unsung hero.

(18 Jan)  Arthur Silber has another post up: 'A Note To Those Who Will Name Evil.'

(18 Jan)  Our Department of Justice says, in a brief filed in court, that whistleblowers are worse than spies.  Is the House of Representatives going to impeach the Attorney General for this travesty upon the First Amendment?  The Perpetual International Security State continues to grow, made in USA.

(18 Jan) In the aftermath of the Tunisia government's overthrow, Patrick Buchanan asks, "Who Lost The Middle East?", and Karen Kwiatkoski writes about "Tunisia And Us."

(15 Jan)  THERE THEY GO AGAIN.  House Republicans all set to EXTEND the "Patriot" Act for one more year.  So much for all the chatter about limiting government and a (purely symbolic) re-reading of the Constitution on Congress's opening day.  Subtitle says, "Little Opposition Expected on Bill."  Well, the Lord of the Church said that the road to destruction was broad.  Broad enough, apparently, for both political parties to march along side by side.  Sayonara.

You may not believe in the gift of prophecy, and I don't blame you; but you've got to admit that George Orwell was pretty close when he wrote 1984 over 60 years ago.  If not a prophet -- how did he know?

(6 Jan) This appeared on CounterPunch:
Is the Next Great Awakening at Hand?
The First Great Awakening led after many years to the American and Jeffersonian Revolutions. 
The Second Great Awakening led, after many years, to the Civil War and Abolition. 
The Third Great Awakening led, after setbacks, to the Populist and then Progressive Movements. 
The Fourth Great Awakening led to the New Deal. 
The Fifth Great Awakening led to the second Reconstruction, the Great Society, Feminism, and social upheavals.  
Is The Sixth Great Awakening now due? What quarter will it come from? Read Mason Gaffney’s extraordinary history and predictions.

(24 Dec)  'FBI Expands Probe Into Midwest Anti-War Activists' -- More subpoenas issued for 'terror' investigations.'  So runs the headline today.  

Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under the first Reagan Administration, explains what Reaganomics was, why it worked, who supported it, and how it was sabotaged by subsequent administrations.  This is an immensely valuable article if you want to connect some important dots.  I urge you to read this article, and read it one more time after that.  Important, important, important.  His book, Tyranny of Good Intentions, is also an excellent read. (22 Dec)

Feds target anti-war groups and pro-Palestinian-rights groups. Hey, I might be next. (Jan 28)

Paul Craig Roberts: The Dissolving Constitution, and why the ACLU needs your input. (Jan 28)

Jacob Huebert: When All Drugs Were Legal. (And our greatgrandparents, and their kids, survived it okay. ) (Jan 27) 

The Palestine Papers: Israel's Peacemakers Unmasked (Jan 26)

Pro-Lifers for Mass Murder. Laurence Vance (Jan 26)

Laurence Vance on the Twenty-Year War On Iraq. (Jan 17)

Shame the Wise. (17 Jan)

Israel Shamir suggests that The Guardian might have to publish 'The Rise and Rise of Wikileaks.' (Jan 16)

Six More Killed in Pakistan by CIA Drones. Thanks to Will Grigg for this link. (Jan 13)

David Stockman, Reagan's first budget director, warns that America has reached the point of no return. (Jan 13)

William Astore, retired USAF and teacher of history, talks about the "finest fighting force the world has ever known," and much else. Thanks for the link, Bangalored. (13 Jan)

Surprise! Massive US government corruption in Afghanistan! Senators outraged! Demand resignation! Get it! (11 Jan)

The student loan bubble. The kids are in trouble, too. (11 Jan)

The Forgotten Deadly Sin. Damaris Zehner. (6 Jan)

Israel Shamir writes about Minsk Elections in the Wikileaks Mirror. It is also a great view of Belarus. (6 Jan)

Fred Reed. It is not just about Cusco. (6 Jan)

"What most Americans forget regarding Afghanistan is that you can't get there from here." Ray McGovern tells Obama why he should listen to Wikileaks. (6 Jan)

A Little History Before the Kowtowing. Some things every Tea Partier should know. James Brovard. (6 Jan)

Not Through Politics, Not Through the Military. Lew Rockwell on the Christmas message of Benedict XVI. (24 Dec)

Coda to a Killing. William Grigg remembers what the Wilmington, Delaware Police did to the veteran Derek Hale. (24 Dec)

// Another Modest Proposal
Now that Dr. Future has moved to purely Internet broadcasting, for the time being at least, let's persuade him to add short video broadcasts as well! You can get to his website here. Send him a message on behalf of those of us at Sycamore Three. (22 Dec)

Israel Shamir exposes Latynina's fantasies. And Wikileaks meets Sweden, the UN, and the Georgian war. (22 Dec)

"Amateurs Guess, Professionals Test." Interesting Video at thinkingthingsdone.com (22 Dec)

Uri Avnery, former member of Knesset, on the Ship of Fools 2. (22 Dec)

Isaac Fox begins a study on the philosophical roots of Communism. (22 Dec)

Gary North: They were not "Palmer Raids," they were Wilson Raids. Lew Rockwell links. (22 Dec)

Awaiting the Storm. I bless Fred Reed for saying it better than I can. Again. (22 Dec)

Andrew Hoffman's very interesting take on the Wikileaks affair. While you are there, discover the value of Propaganda. Jacques Ellul's Propaganda, that is. (22 Dec)

From constitutional republic to police state:  Headline:   Obama to Formalize Permanent Detention Without Trial. The full article is here.  Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, where are you? (22 Dec)

Julian Assange of Wikileaks has this to say:  "WikiLeaks has a four-year publishing history. During that time we have changed whole governments, but not a single person, as far as anyone is aware, has been harmed. But the US, with Australian government connivance, has killed thousands in the past few months alone.
“US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates admitted in a letter to the US congress that no sensitive intelligence sources or methods had been compromised by the Afghan war logs disclosure. The Pentagon stated there was no evidence the WikiLeaks reports had led to anyone being harmed in Afghanistan. NATO in Kabul told CNN it couldn’t find a single person who needed protecting. The Australian Department of Defence said the same. No Australian troops or sources have been hurt by anything we have published.” Read the entire article here.  ( 11 Dec)

Israel is supposed to consider "regretting" the deaths of the Turkish citizens when its commandos attacked the Mavi Marmara, and pay a sum of $100,000 to each of the bereaved families.  I'll believe it when I see it.  Up till now, it appears that Israel's policy has been, "Millions for retaliation; but not one cent for regret."  ( Posted 7.30 pm December 10. )

I was sorry to learn that the Thorn Tree of Glastonbury has just been severely vandalized.  No, I didn't overly revere it, but I liked it as a living reminder of the old story of Joseph of Arimathea living in Britain, and the stories that inspired William Blake.  (Posted 11.55 pm December 9.)

Daniel Ellsberg drops Amazon.com for dropping support for Wikileaks.  Read his open letter.
Thanks for the link, Dr. Future.  ( Posted 1 am December 8. )

WIKILEAKS IS CURRENTLY BEING BLOCKED IN MUCH (OR ALL?) OF THE U.S.   However, at this moment, Switzerland is still carrying it, despite pressure from the US and FRANCE.  Welcome to the National Security State (Police State), Folks. Political censorship in the USA, not just China anymore.  Notice that your regular programming, sports, entertainment, great movies, religious programs are going on quite smoothly. This tells us something.  Comments welcome. (4 December)

Truth is Treason.  'As Ron Paul notes, "In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth.  When truth becomes treason, we are in big trouble."'  Published Sat-4-Dec on LewRockwell.Com.  Question to all friends:  If the rest of the human race, or the rest of American society, knows exactly as much truth as you or I know . . . are we in big trouble?     (4 December)

Uri Avnery 

fires up and calls for a general 

overhaul in Israel. (13 Dec)

How about an even simpler Christian foreign policy?

Let's just stop advocating the killing of other human beings, on any pretext whatsoever.

Paul Craig Roberts quite properly criticizes Mike Huckabee, Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton, and a few others.

Fred Reed has another good post up. But if you're not acquainted, it might be better to read his autobiography first.
Lying is not patriotic, says Dr. Ron Paul. This article is loaded with good information and important questions. Please check it out.

Wikileaks -- see for yourself at their Switzerland site.

Posted Sunday 5 Dec 2010.

// Removed from 'Out There' Friday 10 December 2010.
Israel Shamir in direct contact with Wikileaks people. Read his latest post.

Paul Craig Roberts has a great article defending Wikileaks. Mr. Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the first Reagan Administration, is the author of the book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions. I greatly respect this man and anything he writes.

I don't often quote Thomas Friedman, but a commenter suggested this link called WikiChina. Well worth reading.

// Removed from 'A Modest Proposal' Friday 10 December 2010.

* Let's stop killing Arabs.
* Let's stop killing Palestinians.
* Let's stop killing Pashtun opium farmers.
* Let's stop killing Lebanese.
* Let's stop demonizing Islam.
* Let's stop demonizing Iran.
* Let's stop demonizing China.
* Let's stop demonizing Russia.
* Let's stop trying to prove we are superior to brown people.
* Let's stop trying to prove that "Christians" are the baddest people in the world and that we aren't gonna stand for any "stuff" from sinners.

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