Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wayne Dyer, RIP

     Wayne Dyer died on Saturday, August 29, in Maui, Hawaii.  He had been diagnosed with leukemia several years ago.

     They called him a "self-help guru,"  and I suppose that he was.  He wrote dozens of books, with titles like Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life, Wishes Fulfilled, and Your Erroneous Zones, which produced quite a large following.  I read several of his books, always with enjoyment.   His 2005 book, The Power of Intention, I found particularly interesting.

      I would like to have had a personal conversation with him.  I never met the man in person, but I did meet him through his books.  ( That's pretty much the reason why I read books anymore:  to meet the authors. )  He came across as a man with an adventurous mind, and so he could not be boring;  he had learned too much to be didactic; had met too many interesting people to be pumped up with himself.  He had good ideas, and a pretty good way of fitting them together.

     Dr. Dyer leaves behind a large family, numerous books, several hours of presentations on youtube, and some good quotes.  Here are a couple of them: