Fukushima, Chernobyl, and Nuclear Dangers

Chernobyl Links

*  Children of Chernobyl.  7 minute video on effects of radiation on children in the area, and the efforts of medical personnel, including American heart surgeons, to help them.  You Tube, March 7, 2010.  Links to babyheart.org

* Chernobyl disaster.  Wikipedia entry, approximately 38 pages, detailing: 1, Accident; 2, Causes; 3, Effects; 4, Assessing the disaster's effects on human health; 5, Economic cost; 6, Chernobyl after the disaster; 7, Recovery projects; 8, Cultural impact; 9, Commemoration of the 20th year after the accident.

Fukushima Links

* Albert Stubblebine:  Urgent Warning: Fukushima Estimate Of Situation.  (May 28)

* Interview with Leuren Moret.  Fukushima radiation update May 15.  I consider this a set of data points.  Compare these with other information before you draw conclusions.  (May 28)

* Fukushima Safety Level Not Safe.  by Ian Goddard. Japanese authorities have stipulated that radiation levels of up to 20 milliSieverts per year are "safe."  Published science decisively indicates otherwise.  Even much lower rates are shown to cause increased cancer risk -- especially for women and young children.  Includes an imformative detailed video, 19 minutes (December 19)

* Fukushima Diary.  Frequent reports directly from Japan.

* Fukushima nuclear cleanup workers speak out about the situation.  Video included.  October 2011.

* Anti-Nuclear Demonstration in Tokyo, September 2011.

* Federation of American Scientists.  Many posts on the Fukushima situation, as well as other topics.