The Simplest.

       The simplest prose is the period.

       The simplest poetry is the, comma

       The simplest song is


       Some days I, like poetry

       I dedicate these thoughts to the memory of William of Ockham,
an dto (theghost: of e. e. cummings       ,and to the

R. July 20, 2011.

For the Old Master

The river rises
its waters smoothly turbid
there is your boat
your little boat

coming toward me.
And you, old fellow,
moving without ado
near the far bank

                                   do not step out of the boat.
                                   No one
                                   steps onto the same shore twice
                                   you pass beyond me.

The river before you
narrows and widens
leftward into a distant rest.
I see you clearly still.

No ado.

R.   9 June, 2010.

(A tribute to the spirit of St. Simon Zealotes)

It is the proper business of Zealots to become Christians;
It is not the business of Christians to become Zealots.

R.   27 November, 2010.

Father God and Mother Nature
have been secret lovers
since they were both very young.

As with other parents,
they have found that their children
become somewhat uncomfortable
when they learn how they have come into the world.

R.   26 November, 2010.

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  1. "So profoundly vital and personal is the Incarnation that an objective observer should be able to discern this, the full truth of Christianity, simply by the normal life of Christians, without reference to dogma or even to scripture." -- James Douglass in "The Non-Violent Cross"