Sunday, February 6, 2011

Former President Bush Threatened With Torture Prosecution in Switzerland?

       Some media outlets (including Reuters) are reporting that former President George W. Bush had a planned speech in Switzerland cancelled because of fear that he would be served legal papers.  Read the story here.

       An Israeli general or two have found themselves in similar trouble several years ago.  And that was before the war on Gaza and the boarding of the Turkish ship Mavi Mara.

        It turns out that US policy of turning a blind eye to torture and crimes against humanity does not work reliably in the rest of the world.

       This may be for the best, as it may rivet President Obama's attention to the consequences of pursuing his own ugly policies, even if he enjoys "bipartisan support" in Washington DC.

       Severe, you say?  Perhaps.  But remember that President Reagan was threatened with impeachment over the relatively small potatoes of Iran-Contra.  And Richard Nixon was forced to resign for covering up a burglary that he did not commit.  And several of their underlings were prosecuted and imprisoned.

       And according to our Espionage Act of 1917, as amended, speaking out against a war can get you anything from 30 years to death.

       Maybe it's time that starting a reckless war is as legally risky as calling for peace.

*       *       *

       Comments pro and con most welcome.  Surely there are some good arguments in the former President's defense.

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