Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Story of the Passing of Osama bin Laden

       This post is going to be a work in progress -- that is, I intend to add to it and revise it as more information becomes available.  But I am in the early stages of researching this, and I want to catch-and-release information while it is still fresh and timely.

       You be the judge of the reliability of this information.  But also, see my post on the Murder of John Kennedy: A Citizen's Lessons, (another cover-story that has taken hundreds of researchers decades to unravel), for some thoughts about how one might evaluate information.

       With that in mind, I am going to post some significant links; many provided by friends and readers at this site.  They are roughly in order from the oldest (perhaps most valuable because they are completely untainted by current spin) to the most recent (which may include un-sifted information).  I encourage as many as can to join with commentary and links of their own.

       @  :  Bin Laden Denies Involvement in the 9/11 attacks.  Transcript of an interview of OBL with the Pakistani newspaper Ummat,  Source dateline is 10 Oct 2001.  I urge you to read the entire transcript.

       @  :  Bush rejects Taliban offer to negotiate.  Article posted on the website of the mainstream Independent in the UK, over 9 years ago.  Dateline 15 October 2001.

       @  :  Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Bin Laden Would Need Help If On Dialysis.  CNN website January 21, 2002.   Detailed assessment of Bin Laden's health at the time.  Includes statement by Pakistani leader Musharraf of his belief that Bin Laden had likely died of kidney failure.

       @  :  Forbidden Truth.  I am researching this book published by St. Martin's Press in 2002.  Much detail by two reporters about the duplicity that preceded and followed the invasion of Afghanistan in the fall of 2001 immediately after the September 11 operation.

       @  :  Israeli Intelligence: Bin Laden is Dead; Heir Has Been Chosen.  Originally published at World Tribune website. No estimate of the date of his death was given.  Dateline Tel Aviv, October 16, 2002.  This link is preserved at Welfare State website.

       @  :  Magazine Runs What It Calls Obama's Will.  Posted at CNN website,  October 16, 2002.  Quotes extensively from the purported will, dated December 14, 2001.  Said to have been published by Al Majalla, an Arab news magazine.

       @  :  Kevin Barrett interviews professor Bruce Lawrence of  Duke University, who says that the "Bin Laden confession tapes" are bogus, and that knowledgeable US national-security insiders admit this (off the record, of course).  Interview was in the time frame near February 2007.  You can listen to the audio file; less than five minutes.

       @  :  Osama bin Laden:  Dead or Alive?  Published in 2009, this book by David Ray Griffin gives persuasive arguments and evidence that OBL died in December, 2001.  I have read this book; I have met David Ray Griffin personally and am impressed that he is a knowledgeable and courageous man.  You can go to his website, David Ray Griffin. He has up-to-date commentary here.

       @  :  A witness to bin Laden's death says it's 'bullshit.' From the Revolutionary Politics website,  video shown this week, apparently on Al Jazeera.

       @  :  Chris Bollyn.  The 9/11 Deception and the Death of Bin Laden.  Chris Bollyn's take on President Obama's speech.

       @  :  Top US Government Insider:  Bin Laden died in 2001,  9/11 a false flag.  On Prison Planet website.  References Dr. Stephen R. Pieczenik, a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under under Nixon, Ford, and Carter, who is said to have stated that OBL died sometime in late 2001, apparently from complications of Marfan Syndrome.  OBL was known to have been hospitalized in Dubai in July 2001, where he was visited by CIA physicians.

       @  :  Was Bin Laden Assault a Jessica Lynch-style Fable?  Emphasizes the inconsistencies and revisions already appearing in the "official story."  Paul Watson is the writer, on Prison Planet. 

       @  :  Osama bin Laden's Useful Death.  Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration.  May 3 2011 at Lew Rockwell's website.

       @  :  Eric Margolis, a well-respected writer about the Middle East, takes the view that OBL was killed this year, as reported.  His take on the meaning and consequences.

       @  :  At Veterans Today website,  Gordon Duff writes of the "re-death of Bin Laden's frozen corpse."

       @  :  Wall Street Survivor website.  Gordon Duff writes that OBL died December 13, 2001.

        You will notice that I emphasize information that supports my own strong conviction that OBL is long dead.  I think this has been a long-running "Emmanuel Goldstein" operation (read or remember George Orwell's 1984).  Contrary evidence and viewpoints are most welcome, of course.

       But if.  If we agree that the official story is almost certainly pure b.s., why is it being released at this time?  Primarily for American consumption for reelection or other political purposes?  Or for world consumption; if so, why?

*       *       *

       Your thoughts most welcome.

Original post May 4, 2011.  Three links (darker violet color) added May 8.


  1. Why does the US 9/11 "fall guy" jump back into the headlines after most of the world presumed he was dead? Also it was confirmed over and over that even if he was alive there was no way that he was leading Terrorist Operations any more from the “caves in Afghanistan” that he was hiding out in.
    This Cover Story for whatever is really going on, is lame and messy and the American mob is eating it up and is calling anyone who does not take the Government at their word "UNAMERICAN". Bush had his "Iraq war" and Obama has his "Killing Osama". Both these acts are only to further a very fucked up agenda that is very dark and very evil.
    Anyone who works in a military or government job should think very hard about what they are supporting and who they are working for. I know this because I work in one of these categories and I am now leaving my job because even though at one time I felt honorable doing the work that I do, now I feel that I am being covered in a pile of shit.

    -Amish guy

  2. Well Robert,

    You've got a very good set of articles here. I had suspected bin Laden had been dead but these articles confirmed it.

    What the hell are these guys trying to pull? Are they setting up Obama for reelection? for a new conflict? Do they want to continue in Afghanistan or have they moved on?

    Wait and see I suppose.

  3. I've thought he has been dead for years. He was just too sick to matter anymore. Then this big story out of the blue. Too much like Jessica Lynch.

    My theory: Kennedy, didn't follow the plan. Put down. Nixon, didn't follow the plan. Set up. Carter, didn't follow the plan, rescue mission fails, go home Carter. Reagan, not following the plan, assassination attempt. Obama, followed the plan, here's you victory prize, here's another term for ya.

  4. castiron: I'm thinking a lot like you are, here.

    Here is a late video about the early "We killed OBL and here's how" coming unraveled.

    I guess the good thing might be: "no real terrorists were harmed in the making of this story."

    Sorry, that sounds cynical.

    I hope to post some relevant info from the book "Forbidden Truth" in the next couple of days.

    It deals with the role of John O'Neill in trying to expose the intimate connection between the Saudi royals and OBL, and the US Gov (more correctly, an influential PART of the US Gov) in concealing and furthering this secret agenda.

  5. Food for thought: The key figures of the Obama administration are all implicated in the faked picture "taken in the Situation Room while the raid was taking place." Hillary is committed in this cover-up, so can she find a way of backing out of it? Not likely.

    Not sure what all this implies: but if the President is shown to be faking this, so is she, and all the other big shots in the "photo op."

    Your further takes on these factors and anything else most welcome.

  6. One good thing about all this is that some good Christians, who have never lost their spiritual conscience, are also finding their voices -- bold voices against the prevailing CIA-driven "Christian world view."

    Here, for example:

    Further links welcome.

  7. Robert, a few weeks ago, You'd also listed Ronald Reagan as one of the greatest presidents of the US. When are you all going to realise that its those stupid policies in Afghanistan back in the 70s and 80s which have come back to haunt you. Ronald Reagan backed up all the nucleus of the AQ, including OBL. Kindly remember that old Chinese phrase 0 He who sows the dragon's teeth, reaps the whirlwind. I'm sick of having to live in the fallout zone of stupid decisions taken by idiots in your administration

  8. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for bringing up an important point that must be developed and discussed. The US government, including the administration of Ronald Reagan, has a great deal to be ashamed of, and richly deserves criticism and condemnation, including yours.

    It has prompted me to consider a future post, which I might call 'Ronald Reagan and the American Myth.' But since it may take me several days or weeks to compose it, I did not want to wait until then for some kind of reply.

    Thank you for your important input, and I truly hope you will continue to provide more. We Americans are a greatly mis-informed people (often self-mis-informed), and the viewpoint of people, such as you, who have not drunk deeply from our particular pitcher of kool-aid, is very necessary and helpful.

    I look forward to more of your direct and pungent comments.

    Blessings to you for your truthfulness.

  9. I have just added three new links to the post above. On my computer, they show up in a darker shade of violet.


    Now here is a crazy idea:

    ... given that the "cover story" is barely believable (most want to believe it, but many are expressing doubts);
    ... and given also that the "Situation Room Picture" is blatantly phony ...

    ... is a semi-controlled, semi-desperate President Obama sending us a message in the hopes that the Establishment will be found out, and discredited, so that the pressure on him (to maintain and expand these wars) will collapse?

    This could hardly be true unless he (a) feels totally boxed in, and (b) has a human conscience.

    Well, condition (a) is true. What about condition (b) ?

  10. Good point Robert.

    Personally, my faith in President Obama is pretty much nonexistent right now, because of the situation in Libya, but maybe he was forced to do that as well.

    I have wanted to believe the best about the president, especially given his predecessors, but methinks my faith was misplaced.

  11. here is another article that is no where to be seen in US Media...
    -amish guy

  12. Thanks, amish guy. I included the link in the post.

    Here is the take of Noam Chomsky. I'll leave it here in the comments section, at least for now, rather than locate it in the post.

    Chomsky is a knowledgeable man -- especially about the less obvious motivations behind certain acts and events -- and he gives an interesting perspective.

  13. Further to Reagan. Here is the review of an American book.