Monday, December 19, 2011

The Sacred

       We know The Sacred.

       It has taken a form within us before we discover it, no matter how old or young we are when that discovery takes place.

       If we discover The Sacred first outside ourselves, we perceive it in some place, or event, or person, as a sort of discovery, often unexpected, and unexpectedly rapid; and we sense a correspondence in the outer to something that is prepared within our own self.

       We then turn inward with new eyes, to perceive what is being disclosed to our inner self.  And when that happens, a new formation occurs.

       If we discover it first within ourselves, then we perceive it as a small place, not too small, a private place where the spirit discloses itself; and it produces within us a certain inner attitude that we might call mindfulness, or reverence.  Inwardly, it is a sort of a bowing, an acknowledgment of something perceptible and significant, but elusive.

       As the holy moment becomes its own memory, we can return outward and find that we now look at the outer world with new eyes, seeing or seeking a correspondence of the same in the outer.  And when that happens, a new formation occurs.

       A trinity of correspondence arises:  between Spirit and Self and Outer, we find an unexpected agreement -- a greeting -- and we find that we have deepened and extended and remembered.

       This is The Sacred, and the knowledge of it.  It is at the heart of all true religion.

*       *       *

Comments always welcome.  (Surely I have not said everything about The Sacred, and our relationship to it, that ought to be said!)


  1. Hey Jesus

    How about a beer tonight?
    With me? Three or four? Or more?
    We can sit before
    The world’s window together
    And mourn a sight
    Called Christmas.

  2. As long as you can laugh a little (as I did when I read your comment) . . .

    Good to have you on board, John