Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Post To All Futurians

Dear Friends of Future Quake,

     Ben Carmack and I returned from Nashville, Tennessee, today after a great session with Doctor Future, participating in the 300th (and final*) Future Quake show.  Present at the recording session were many of the Future Quake cast, including Mrs. Future, Tom Bionic, Emmett, Pyro, Chris White, Merv, Futurian Bob, and Adam Sayne.  Other Futurians were present in emails, and also in live remote interviews, from South Africa and the Pacific Northwest.  The recording process was over five hours -- that's right, five -- and it was great.

     The show file will be a great starting point for people who want to explore the seven years of archive files.  Many significant show topics were referenced by name, and some by show number.  We covered a lot of good ground, and had fun while we did so.

     There are a number of sites and projects related to Future Quake that are (1) already in existence, or (2) starting up as we speak, or (3) in planning stage and ready to start up in the very near Future.

     For his part, as you probably know, Doc Future will be devoting more of his time to the completion of a couple of books that he has under construction, and that he considers to be of some importance.  But he will probably be available for interviews, etc, with Futurians who have projects or web presence.

     I will post any and all comments, updates, and links to related shows, you-tube projects, documentaries, and web sites as I know of them.  For this purpose, I have created a permanent page titled, Future Quake Friends.  Please keep me, and this site, informed and up to date.

     Thanks.  -- Robert

* We may recall Garrison Keillor's famous "final performance" of A Prairie Home Companion that aired in 1987, and hope that Dr. Future will, in this matter, follow this worthy precedent and return soon, and vigorously, to the Net. 

*       *       *

     The permanent page, Future Quake Friends, will appear in the band of links at the top of this site.  If at any time you do not see it there, look for a link to it in the sidebar.  It does exist at this site as a permanent page.


  1. Wow, what a show the final episode was. It was very inspiring and an uplifting show, even tho it was so sad to know it was ending. Shows how much of an influence the show had, that they needed 5 hours to say goodbye.

    Tomorrow is the big day, the first Friday without a new Future Quake to download. Pass the tissues.

    : (

  2. Agreed, castiron.

    For me, it was a great pleasure to be included in the "final" show.

    (I still expect Doc Future to pull a Garrison Keillor and reappear on the net!)

    Meanwhile, it is good to know that the friends of Future Quake are, if anything, more active than ever. I will try to keep up with their doings at the Future Quake Friends page.