Thursday, April 19, 2012

Answering a Republican Party Survey

Guest post by Doug Overmyer

I received a Republican Platform Survey yesterday and was pleased that the Republican Party would consider my input in determining its planks.

I was puzzled that it appeared the survey would not be computer read.  At the end of it, it asked a loaded question about voting Obama out of office and then asked if I would support doing so.  The first box said essentially, "Yes, and here is my donation", the second box said, "No, but I will support the party with a donation."  The third box said, "No, but here is $15 to help tabulate my survey."  I then realized the survey was an elaborate and skillful fundraising letter, and that was all.  My favorite part was the request to use my own stamp and save the Party some money.  They must think we are idiots.

So I took a blank sheet of paper and wrote in big letters, "Stop killing Muslims.  Promote peace and prosperity for all."  Sealed it and am mailing it . . . Using THEIR postage.

*       *       *

Doug is a friend of Dr. Michael Bennett (Doctor Future of Future Quake).  In this email to Doctor Future, he adds, "I answered the questions quite differently than I would have in my pre-Future Quake days . . . Because of you, I have become a Ron Paul supporter."

Thanks, Doug, for permission to reprint this email.


  1. I've gotten the exact same type of surveys. They use inflammatory language in their questions to drive up one's blood pressure. It's like Goldstein's Two Minutes of Hate. And then the plea at the end for money. Propaganda pure and simple. Well, not "pure", it's polluted and vile.

    I've tried to answer the questions but there are no options for "peace", or "follow the Constitution" or just plain common sense. Kudos to Doug for sending them some truth. Hopefully it will cause those to read it to think outside the Golden NeoCon Box instead of dismissing it as hate mail from those awful libs. (Because if you don't tow the party line, you're obviously a Democrat!!)

  2. Once upon a time I believed in the Republican Party. I sincerely and repeatedly donated to one of their national committees during the Reagan years. I participated in local party conventions in 1988 and thereafter. I even ran for local office once.

    I learned the local party was run by the local country clubs and old money; genuinely conservative activists were only wanted for their votes and their willingness to lend their energy to advance the preset Party agenda -- not to run as candidates, and CERTAINLY not to run the local party.

    The party apparatus was completely controlled by manipulators and deceivers and dirty-tricksters. I left them long ago. I had to to preserve any integrity I might have. The only regret I have is my years of naivety.

    I am not surprised to hear of their treatment of the Ron Paul people; of their rule-breaking, dirty tricks, and false results of their local and state conventions. It is their standard mode of operation, in my experience.

    I am surprised that people of good will and good intention turn a blind eye and still think that they are "good guys." A few of them, yes, thankfully; but never the controlling majority of the Party. Never.

    My read of history is that they have never welcomed reform. President Garfield was shot by one of their own within a couple of months of taking office.

    They did everything they could, which was plenty, to derail the Reagan Revolution.

    Their behavior has not changed, because the same mindset has controlled them always -- protection of old wealth, usually ill-gotten.

    Sorry to have to say it; but prove me wrong.

  3. Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but here's what the Party is doing to Ron Paul in Wyoming. Form your own judgment, of course.