Friday, June 22, 2012

1812: The War Party's First Great Success

     I've written a couple of posts on the subject of Truth in U.S. Wars; and I hope to write something about the War of 1812.  But I'm not there yet.

     Fortunately, Justin Raimondo is there, already.  I encourage you to read his interesting and challenging post -- "1812:  The War Party's First Great Success"; and I doubly encourage you to do so if (a) you are interested in teaching your children about history, or if (b) you are interested in applying lessons of history to the circumstances of today.

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     For a related commentary, see Bionic Mosquito's post, "American Imperialism:  Born Hand-In-Hand With The Constitution." 

      Jefferson Morley also has an article at Salon, about "America's first neo-con war."  Interesting.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I read the link and printed it out for my kids' reading list.

    "The two-hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the War of 1812 is upon us, and I’m shocked and surprised the War Party hasn’t planned a celebration..."

    Our 4th church (we had to leave the other 3 for various reasons) is great on Biblical teaching, but every time there's a patriotic holiday, they go "state-worshipping" on us. There is Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, and Independence Day. Oh, and D-Day. And probably V-Day. Oh, and President's Day. I wouldn't be surprised if there is 1812 day, lol.

    It was so sad on Memorial Day, they had taken down the big beam cross they had up all of the Passover/Resurrection season and replaced it with a huge flag : ( I guess God is American. Those poor other citizens of the other nations, I guess God doesn't love them as much.

    We decided we probably better skip the Sundays before patriotic holidays : (

  2. Bionic Mosquito has a similar post today:

  3. Dear Castiron,

    Thanks for the link to Bionic Mosquito. I took the liberty of including it in the body of the post.