Thursday, May 23, 2013

Boomers and Millennials : The Band Played On

A link to a post.

     This is one of those posts that I frequently make, that simply links to another post.  It performs two functions.

     (1)  It preserves a link for my memory; a reminder that I once read this article, and found its viewpoint valuable or interesting -- I can easily come back to it.

     (2) I can entice the present and future readers of this blog to explore the same odd corner of the Great Conversation, and get back to me (and you) with comments, if they care to.

     This link is to be found at the 'The Burning Platform' website, and the article is titled "And the Band Played On."  It mostly concerns American readers; although the troubles it anticipates are likely to affect other parts of the world.

     The article would seem to pit aging Boomers against youthful Millennials in a coming class war -- and the writer is a late-Boomer who is on the side of the Millennials -- his children.  A further reflection, though, reveals the common enemy of both.

     The article ends with a lengthy parable (analogy?) of the United States and -- well, read it yourself.

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Thanks to the Lew Rockwell website for making me aware of this.

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