Friday, July 5, 2013

Wealth Inequality In America

     For a long time, I have heard (and believed) that many of us politically active American people -- by which I simply mean, people who try to follow the news and vote intelligently -- being led by a misguided but sincere party loyalty, often vote against our own, and our families', actual economic interests.

     Well, I still believe that.

     And here comes a 6-minute video that graphically shows comparisons between (1) pure socialism, (2) what most people think is fair, (3) what they think is really going on, and (4) what is really going on.

     Here it is:  Wealth Inequality In America.

     Remember this:  more than 95% of us are just Democrats, Republicans, independents, libertarians, conservatives, liberals, professional people, blue collar workers, ghetto dwellers, suburbanites, homeless, food-stamp users, taxpayers, upper management, cubicle-dwellers, factory workers, coal-miners, waiters, Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, and the like.

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     Here is some unvarnished commentary by George Carlin.

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