Sunday, August 11, 2013

James Altucher and Two Lifehacks

     I like to write about other writers that I enjoy reading, and post something about them, or by them, here.

     Why, you ask. 

     1.  Because I think they have something interesting and different to say -- something that I haven't thought of myself (and might not in a hundred years), because I think you might like it, and either (a), get to their writings on a more frequent basis, or even, (b), be tempted to get back here with some positive or negative comments.

     2.  Because sometimes I'm right in the middle of some ideas myself, but I'm not ready to post anything yet, I need another week or two, and it seems a shame to keep the same older posts up at the top over-long, even though they are (always) good.

     So.  James Altucher has written a post titled, provocatively enough, "Two Lifehacks That Will Get People To Like You," and you may have missed that post.  You may even have missed James Altucher himself until now.

     I'll not try to introduce, much less explain, James Altucher.  He is very gifted at explaining himself.  Enjoy the link.

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