Saturday, September 20, 2014

Men Were Worthless

     Men were worthless -- in the eyes of their women, and in the eyes of their top commanders, in World Wars One and Two.  Are they worth more today, in your eyes, or the eyes of your women, or your country's "leaders"?

     Read this link from Angry Harry:  "Men Are Worthless -- Especially For Young Women,"  and bring the subject up at the next "men's meeting" at your favorite church, or your favorite watering-hole. See what kind of a discussion you get, and get back to me.

     Now that we're back in Iraq, with the updated Global War On Terror 2.0, it's past-due time for looking back at what we've been doing in the Middle East for the last 25 years or so, why we have done it, what it has cost, and who has paid the price, and what that price has been and still is.

     I recently posted a brief recap of war (past and present) here: "The Guns of August And September."   I followed it up with another brief post, "The General Principles Of War," where I posted (only two) General Principles.  As the events of recent weeks have unfolded, the response I have received, both on and off the blog, and among family and friends has been mostly . . . crickets.

     So I'm pretty sure that a third principle can be added:

     General Principle 3.  Fighting men are considered relatively worthless to the Powers That Be who send them into war.  And they are also considered relatively worthless by the society from which they come -- and that includes the women who urge them on.

     Have a nice day.

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  1. Women, in this case, specifically included (includes?), but is not limited to, their mothers, their girlfriends, and their wives. -- RH