Saturday, November 27, 2010

AntiWar Dot Com on Afghan Civilian Deaths

       The news today is that the US Marines are not taking reports of Afghan civilian deaths seriously.  In an article by Jason Ditz posted on AntiWar.Com, the local Marine commander is quoted as saying that the Taliban are to blame for  "every single instance" of a civilian casualty in the district.   Read the whole article at their website today.

        The irresponsibility of the US military, and the conservative religious establishment that unctiously "prays" for them, is revolting.  I'll say it again:  Don't blame Obama.  As with the old Walt Disney propaganda cartoons from World War II, your government wants to tell you, "This is your war."  Fine, it's your war. 

       It's not mine.  I opposed it, and the mindless, frightened "patriotism"*  that nourished it, from the beginning.

       * "Patriotism" is apparently a registered trademark of the CIA, and its paid hacks in corporate media.



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