Thursday, December 2, 2010

2.5 Cheers for Wikileaks

       For those of you who are already cheering the Wikileaks organization for what it is accomplishing in blowing the cover off the Perpetual International Security State -- let me join you in hoisting one for Julian Assange and all the rest of them.  Cheers!

       As far as I can recall at the moment, when it comes to exposing the smarmy side of the people who are suffering from a national security complex, this is the biggest and best breakthrough since Daniel Ellsberg published the "Pentagon Papers" during the US war on Vietnam.

       No, this is not going to endanger the lives of American servicemen.  Yes, it is going to make a few Democrat and Republican politicians uncomfortable.  Yes, it is going to make a bunch of careerists in the US State Department go bonkers.  Yes, it is going to humiliate the talking heads and the writers' guild of the US media, because it is going to expose them for being the gullible bought-and-paid-for hacks that they are.

       Yes, some boys at CIA, and their confederates in a dozen other spy-and-disinformation outfits (some Western, some not) are deeply pissed.

       So, you say, what's not to like?  Why not three cheers for Wikileaks?  Why only a measly 2.5?

       You deserve an answer.  The truth is, I think Wikileaks and Julian Assange deserve three full cheers, but I'm holding 0.5  in reserve, and I'll tell you why.

       If we give three full cheers to Wikileaks, we think we have done all we need to do, as if we were cheering some spectator sport.  Let's reserve the last 0.5 to remind ourselves that we have some follow-up work to do.  These guys have uncovered a lot of stink; now we need to hold some people's noses to it.

       And if we give three cheers to Julian Assange, we are making a hero of a man, who, it will be revealed, has feet of clay; and having unfairly placed him on a pedestal, we will be expected to turn on him and take him down.  They're already accusing him of miscreant behavior in Sweden, like maybe he had unprotected sex with somebody.

       Okay.   Remember Watergate?  Remember Monicagate?  Presidents can pardon.

       So can you.  So can I.   Julian, go and sin no more.  There.

       Two-point-five cheers for Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

*       *       *

       Comments most welcome.  Especially those along the line of what we can do next to help the full-disclosure process along.  I am really tired of these Middle-Eastern wars that are always being done in the dark.



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  5. i mostly agree with you, mr heid, with your assessment of julian and the might kick in the junk of the american police state.

    one thing that does concern a bit though, is the fact that mr. assange has dismissed anything but the official version of 9/11 as hogwash.

    That's really the key to a lot of things. I'm not sure if mr. assange is choosing his battles or if there is something more to the story (that is, his story.)

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for your post, and I agree that when a guy dismisses the 9/11 truth movement, it raises a caution flag in my mind. I'd like to think that he is choosing his battles, which is okay with me. Just as, Ron Paul focuses on Ending the Fed, and stays away from 9/11.

    I agree with you that 9/11 truth is the key to a lot of things, and those of us who have followed the investigations must make this an increasing part of OUR battles. I hope to post more on this in the near future, but please feel free to comment on 9/11 truth on this blog -- thought stream, right now, connexions, and video du jour are always available.

    I urge you to pick a "name" even if you prefer to conceal your identity on this blog, which is certainly okay. (That's what 'Bangalored' does.) It helps not to give "Anon" all the credit for good ideas and talking points. I look forward to further comments from you soon.