Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's time to laugh at the Perpetual International Security State

       As I write this, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has been arrested in the UK on a warrant from Interpol, ( the EU central police force ),  for extradition to Sweden.  At this point, I hear, his high crime or misdemeanor was not wearing a condom during sex.  With a thirty-something feminist who invited him to her place.   Is this ridiculous or what?

       At the same time, the EU is not executing any outstanding warrants to prosecute intelligence "analysts" who fed cooked "data" and forged documents to their masters to justify wars that have cost hundreds of thousands of lives and earned hundreds of billions of dollars for arms merchants.

       At the same time, the EU is not executing any outstanding warrants against "gentlemen" who are running sex-slave rings between Ukraine and Tel Aviv, using literally thousands of vulnerable women in order to make for themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in literally obscene profits.

       At the same time, the EU is not executing any outstanding warrants against international bank fraudsters for stealing hundreds of billions.  Last year; twenty years ago; this year; next year.

       At the same time, the EU is not investigating Tony Blair for conspiracy to commit war crimes.  Not when he was in office; and not when he is out.

       At the same time, the EU is not investigating charges that the CIA was using European airports for staging prisoners to its secret rendition programs in not-so-secret EU locations.  They've been doing it for better than a decade.

       At the same time, the Western Media are not howling for these investigations to happen.

       Which is to say that the EU and the US and the Western Media are the coordinate tentacles of an utterly corrupted political monstrosity, the precise nature of which can only be guessed at.  But it can fairly be called, the Perpetual International Security State.  (I think that an acronym could possibly be devised to identify this entity more briefly and more pungently.)

       So, if things are this bad, why is it time to laugh?

       Because things are this bad.  Only humor has a chance of getting us through this, even if it is gallows humor.  It is high time to subject these foolish shepherds to the ridicule they deserve.  ( Did you hear the one about the poor arms merchants who had to start stealing from each other because nobody else had any money left? )

       It is also time to begin gently but truly ridiculing the sheeple to wake them out of their docility.   (Did you hear the one about the Republican who still thought the war in Iraq was about setting Muslims free?)

       I propose that a collection of well-crafted jokes be devised that holds the mirror up to these guys, while giving them a face-saving way of changing their behavior.

*       *       *

       This is a post that I may well modify or extend, since it feels incomplete.  But your comments, and your suggestions for possible good jokes are most welcome.   We need a Saturday Night Live approach, and I am looking for friends who have a well-developed sense of the ridiculous to help me take this on. Funnier than the ones I just tried out in the post above.

       Much funnier.  Seriously.

       Thanks.  See you, hopefully, in the comments section below.


  1. Try the following books

    (1) The Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister series
    (2) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe
    (3) The most scathing allegory of all time - Gulliver's Travels

  2. Add another. You seem to have paraphrased a Woody Allen short story about a planet of washerwomen who made a living by taking in each others laundry.

  3. Here's some funny lines for ya:

    TSA, handling childrens packages since 2010.

    TSA, you supply the sick attitude, we'll supply the gloves

    TSA, have you picture made with us.

    TSA, ya we're messed up, but apparently no one gives a shit.

    TSA, your weapon must be inspected

    TSA, to think you used to pay by the hour for this

    TSA, because your private parts are weapons of mass destruction

    TSA, sexual harrassment will not be tolerated! but it sure will be used as a "screening device"

    TSA, yes a new way the government screws you!

    tooommmmm b.

  4. Here's some funny one liners about julian assange

    J. Gordon Liddy wants Assange arrested, because exposing massive government corruption and state sponsored sex rings is evil, but stealing secret documents to expose opponents of your political party is noble.

    Charles Krauthammer wants Assange arrested. Apparently the paralysis has spread to his ears.

    Christian/war state republicans want assange arrested. Apparently, the government has gotten their hand so far up their collective asses that they are now actuating voice commands.

    and finally, and perhaps most sublimely.

    Hitler wants Assange arrested.

  5. My number one takeaway from this has been that -- surprise surprise -- Caesar (be he of American, Chinese or Yemeni nationality) pretends to diety:

    "As Ron [Paul] has also long noted, the American State claims the right to know every single thing about us: every dime we earn and spend, every phone call we make or email we send. To track our movements. To know what we are teaching our children. To ascertain our shower head and toilet tank. Now even to see all of you naked or feel you up. And a million and one other insanities, indignities, and outrages. Every single aspect of life is within the State’s jurisdiction, or so it claims.

    "But for us to know anything about the State, aside from its propaganda, is treason. That is, of course, because the State is a criminal enterprise that depends on our consent. The more we know about its murders, its looting, its lying, the less willing we are to consent, to be good little robots, indeed, to worship it as a god, which is always its ultimate ambition, pharaonic Egypt being its ideal."

    ~ Lew Rockwell

    God knows everything about everything, but we only know of Him and His creation what He has chosen to reveal.

    And Caesar strives to attain this divine attribute.

    (Incidentally, check out pastor Doug Wilson's thoughts on the WikiLeaks fiasco. Highly recommended.)

  6. I hear ya frank;

    I wish God would just kick caesar in the junk. Hard, till his eyes rolled back in his head.