Monday, December 6, 2010

Strike a light for Wikileaks!

       For those of us who want to show our solidarity with Wikileaks, here's something to do that is totally non-threatening, totally non-violent, and will spread the word and get a response.  Best of all, you can make it fun.  Here's the idea.  Let's just see what happens.

       Get a nice little lighter from your favorite convenience store, and whenever you strike a light, say that you're doing it "for Julian Assange and the good guys at Wikileaks."

       When a stranger comes up to you on the street and asks for a light.  ( It may be the first time he has heard of Wikileaks!  Or not; you might be surprised. )

       At the beginning or end of your next staff meeting.  ( Smile. )

       In front of your church, synagogue or mosque right after worship.  ( Smile.  Better yet: wink, and really confuse them! )

       The next time you see your state's representatives.  ( You could tell them:  "Julian Assange represents me." )

       Or whenever.

       But maybe not when you're standing in the feel-up line at the airport . . .  I don't know . . .  Somehow, I don't think so.   After all, they say they really think carrying shampoo is terroristic.

       Worse than that, they have no sense of humor.  In fact, I can't think of anybody this side of the Nazi-Soviet Pact who has a lousier sense of humor than government "security personnel."  While they are seriously "protecting our freedoms," that doesn't include the freedom to have fun in public.

       In fact, forget about doing this in front of government agents at all.  We're not doing this for them; we're doing this to spread the word to real people.  People who want to laugh; who want to have fun; who want to enjoy life.  In other words, who want to feel free; who want to be free.

       Oh, I know.  People might misunderstand and think you were standing up for smokers' rights.  Ha, ha!  You know I'm going to tell you to go ahead and take that chance with your . . . precious reputation!  Do you think I mind?  After all, I like black cavendish pipe tobacco just fine; but I think burley is good, too.

       I've got another great idea.  Stay tuned.

       *       *       *

       Go ahead!  Act on impulse.  Comment me!


  1. Ahh, Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe! I may burn a bit of their "Evening Stroll" blend for freedom in a few minutes....
    Or, wait, is it freedom that is burning?
    Wikileaks is being blocked.
    I know a man who went to jail for homeschooling his children.
    Maybe some things have happened in the terroristic war on terror that we wouldn't want to know about.
    Did somebody mention the Inquisition?
    Since when do we still dare to criticize the generations past for being narrow-minded opponents of freedom, while we self-righteously proclaim ourselves enlightened and better than them?
    Are we that blind?
    This is the route that France took.
    This is the way that Italy went.
    I'll go ahead and say it:
    This is the path that Russia chose.
    Woe unto us if we let history repeat itself, bowing down before an increasingly atheistic, humanistic, socialistic goverment heading straight for totalitarian corruption and slavery. It's time to speak out with whatever freedom we have left.
    I'm not crazy. It's not that far of a stretch. Read your history, compare it to the present, and be greatly concerned....

  2. I just removed a comment, only at the personal request of the person who posted it, and who wants to improve the comment after further research.

    Unfortunately, in my view, the blogspot engine does not allow a commenter to remove or edit a comment once posted, so we have to resort to this admittedly crude method to allow people to change their wording.

    Of course, this DOES put a kink in the thread of thought in the comment section . . . oh well, we can live with that.