Monday, January 17, 2011

Paul Craig Roberts Talks About Animal Rights

       I really appreciate Paul Craig Roberts.  He was a part of the Reagan Revolution that I admire.  As an advocate of (the much derided, but nevertheless appropriate) supply-side economics, he helped to establish the success of Reaganomics.  (With the help also of Paul Volcker, a more responsible head of the Federal Reserve than his recent successors.)

       Roberts saw, first-hand as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, the embedded greed of the Republican establishment, most particularly in its congressional and Wall Street manifestations, as it inentionally and vigorously hobbled and weakened the original Reagan vision of limited government and fiscal responsibility.

       He also saw, as did Joe Sobran and others, the foreign policy distortions that occurred as the so-called "neo-conservatives"  (actually neo-Trotskyites)  insinuated themselves into the foreign policy apparatus, effecting a general takeover by the time of the H. W. Bush Administration, but overly influential long before (read: Iran-contra).

       When, after the September 11 Incident and Cover-Up, I began to pay more attention again to what was happening -- I never well-understood the Clinton Years, and still don't -- Mr. Roberts was on hand with reliable insight:  he had never lost track.  I respect everything he says.

       Which brings me right up to the present.  He has an article about  . . . animal rights!  (And he's for them!)   I love it when older writers (he's past seventy now) loosen up and tell you things that have been growing in the backs of their minds for a while.

       Enjoy his article, "A Brief for Animals," here.

*       *       *

       I highly recommend his book, Tyranny of Good Intentions.  Everyone who loves his country should read this.  Including non-Americans who love their countries.

       Agreeable (and horrified!) comments always welcome!


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