Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three Reasons Why I Like Jesse Ventura

       1.  The man is an Independent.  That is, he is not a Republican, and he is not a Democrat.  He ran for Governor of Minnesota, on a shoestring budget, and won as an Independent.  He governed for four years as an Independent.  He retired as an Independent.  He remains Independent.  What?  A high-level official who doesn't owe his soul, his vote, his election, and his campaign treasury to a totally corrupted party apparatus?  Who else has managed this in the last fifty years . . . okay, last hundred and fifty years?

       2.  The man is a truth-seeker and a truth-teller.  Any man that will challenge the 9/11 Official Story gets major points in my book.  It tells me he is above average in intelligence, above average in basic human perception, and above average in courage.  I like what that tells me about his character and his priorities.

       Speaking of character, I like the way he handles "religious" issues.  At some point a while back, Ventura had ventured to say, unfavorably, that "the religious right wants to tell people how to live."  Well can you imagine that?!  He wasn't following the Playbook!

       So, he got asked by Tim Russert specific questions about his theological beliefs.  So, he gave them:

Russert: Do you believe in God?
Ventura: Absolutely.
Russert: Do you consider yourself a Christian?
Ventura: Yes.

       And then went on immediately to say, "But I don't believe necessarily that I need a church to go to.  I can go, my religious beliefs can be by a lake, they can be on a hill, they can be in the solitude of my own office." Religious beliefs by a lake?  On a hill?  In solitude?  What kind of talk is that?

       Oh, wait: I did hear about that kind of religious belief once, way back,  . . . when the Holy Apostles met with Christ . . . at the lake . . . on a hill . . . in solitude . . .

       Anyway, I thought it sure beat the unctuous and ultimately meaningless pro forma drivel about "church membership," "family values," "culture wars," and so forth that I have heard coming from politicians pandering for the "evangelical vote" for about the last quarter of a century or so.

       3.  He seems to enjoy life.  Although he is grappling with serious issues (like the future of our country) more intensely that most of us, I see that he maintains balance and humor, and in a certain sense does not take himself too seriously.  There is more to him than the underwater-demolition-team expert.  His wrestling-as-entertainment background seems to give him an actor's flair and a showman's iconoclasm that I like.  In that, he reminds me of another old actor-turned-politician that I especially liked--and he turned out to be a great President, too.

       I hear he has a conspiracy-theory TV show; I haven't watched it, but I bet I'd like it if I did.  Right now, he's suing the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security and Whats-Her-Name for fondling his genitals.

       Okay, make it four reasons.  Go, Jesse.


  1. I don't know what the big deal is...the kind of fondling you get from the government is the same thing you have to PAY for by the hour in seedy parts of town.

    When the TSA does it, its free, done be a clean, gloved, professional employee of the state, who gets to wear jewelery, in the form of a badge and various nameplates.

    What's not to like?

    Maybe soon we can really "get this party started" and get the state sanctioned mandatory door to door cavity search going.

    "By order of the state, I command you to touch your toes and say 'aahhh' with your buttocks...You might feel some initial discomfort mr ventura, but this is for your own good."

    Also. Anyone indepedent shouldn't be trusted. Just look at the bible. We can clearly see Jesus going to the important and powerful, building a coalition, administering think tanks, carefully brokering back room deals.

    He carried a .45 in his tunic. In the 29th chapter of John he shows up with a mac 10 and caps Pilot in the head. He then goes to galillee and tells his followers to quit acting like a bunch of fairies, and man up for Jesus, cause the kingdom of God is open to the rich and powerful...and only to those who go to the 'right' church.

    He does a fistbump with Peter and James then goes up into heaven.

    Jesse V. would likely have you believe that the kingdom of God is here and now, that the poor in spirit are blessed, and that we should all be servants.

  2. I like the comment, rionic!

    Perhaps we can draft you as Jesse's running mate!

    On second thought, you really ought to comment on the post, 'A Serious Call to Arm-Chair Strategists.' That way, we can 'vet' you!