Friday, April 8, 2011

A Very Big Cheer for J. T. Henderson

       Way to go, J. T.

       J. T. Henderson is the man who was favorably quoted by President Obama in a press conference on Wednesday evening April 6.  The story, which broke on Wednesday on a local ABC affiliate, WHAS-TV, made it to Obama's ears -- and speech -- and has been carried on the website of LEO, an independent newspaper in Louisville, my home town.  The story is complete with a link to the Obama press conference.  Please read the whole story (and watch the video links) in  J. T. 's own words, before we go on.

       To my mind, his best lines are right here:

If I had the opportunity to address President Obama, Speaker Boehner, Rep. Pelosi, Sen. Reid or Sen. McConnell, I would urge them to take action and remember that grandstanding by both parties has real consequences for those of us downhill. This potential shutdown is not just played out on the news by the talking heads- it is played out in living rooms all across America by real people. I read that our soldiers would not be paid until this was all settled! How can this be? Unfortunately, I cannot run my household and family budget like our federal government! I am required to pay my debts as they are due.

       Draw your own conclusions, but I'd say J. T. hit the nail right on the head.

       May the politicians and bureaucrats who dominate both major parties, on the orders of their special-interest handlers, take note.  It is time for their acts of fraud and deception against the good people of this country to cease.

       I am pleased to say that I have known J. T. and his family my entire life, and he is the real deal.  Thanks for telling it like it is, man. 


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