Friday, August 5, 2011

How To Advance Liberty

       The title of this post is shared with a very interesting article that has been posted on Lew Rockwell's website.  I consider it so well written, that I am not going to compete with it at all.

       I'd love for some readers of this blog to go to this link and take 7 minutes to enjoy it, and then stop back here for some comments pro and con.

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A brief look at the life of the author, Leonard Read, can be found at Wikipedia, here.


  1. Read's, My Pencil is a must read. Although, sadly, today's pencils just don't have the same qualities as the ones Read wrote about.

    I'm working thru this one...

  2. Typo sorry. "I, Pencil", is the correct title.

  3. I love that essay, and sometimes read it to my US History class. I found it in Richard Maybury's book, and never realized that it was written by Leonard Read. Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. How lucky your students were to have a teacher like you. I didn't get history in my education, just social studies. I remember one day when a sub teacher was reading from the dry textbook when he put the book down and picked up the stapler instead. Then proceeded to give us a primer on economics using the stapler as an example. I remember being fascinated with the topic. I am forever grateful to that substitute who opened up "learning" for me. Before then, it was all so boring and tedious. (That was 12th grade!)

  5. This got buried on my desk, then when I found it, I read it as promised :) At first, I didn't like it at all. Then I really started to like it. But then, I thought, we are out of time! We are out of time! And then the very next paragraph, he raised that point too (boy, he's good...)

    One thing, Read tends to use terms like evolve and "power of attraction". Back in the 60's, they may or may not have referred to what they mean now...I'm just a young whipper-snapper, wasn't around in the 60's : )