Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Little Hole In The Cover Story

     Last May, 2011, when "Osama Bin Laden" was "killed" in a "daring raid" by brave "US Navy Seals from Team Six," and "his body was buried at sea" out of "respect for Muslim traditions," I posted an article with numerous links to fairly authoritative sources, indicating that the whole affair was an elaborate fabrication, for the simple reason that Mr. Bin Laden was almost certainly long dead.  Long, as in about a decade.  You can re-read that article here, if you like.

     Information has now been released that the "body of Osama Bin Laden" was NOT "buried at sea" -- as had been solemnly announced by the Obama Administration last year.  Instead it was loaded onto a plane by the CIA, and shipped to Dover, Delaware.  Details here.   (Where is "the body" now?  Perhaps Stephen Spielberg has found a place for it in some government warehouse, beside the Ark of the Covenant.)

     Where does this leave us?  It leaves us stuck with a government that is lying again, that's where it leaves us.

     And our news-and-entertainment people cover for them.  Again.

*       *       *

     I originally added a harangue about our Two-Party Establishment, but decided to drop it.

     Comments always welcome.

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