Thursday, March 1, 2012

Google Advances

     According to internet sources, Google has altered its Privacy policy, as of today, March 1.  Which is to say, more precisely, Google has announced its enlargement of its No-Privacy policy.

     We are advised that now, all our personal data is collected and kept in one place, presumably forever.  Our website choices, our Facebook profiles, friends, and conversations, our Google searches, our map searches, our book searches, our You-tubes, our downloads, our comments on other sites.  Given that our computers have permanently resident cookies, and our operating systems have backdoors and trapdoors, this suggests that our on-line banking transactions, passwords, security arrangements, keystrokes -- in a word, everything -- is available.  To whomever, wherever, whenever.

     We are to suppose that Google is operated by a few young, free-spirited entrepreneurs who are really fun-loving folks just doing us a big service.  Their development of our personal profiles is only to serve us better!

     Well, who cares whether they profile you or not?  As long as you can get good air-fares, special discounts, link-up with friends -- what's not to like?

     And, for producing this site, I am, like all the rest, under the Friendly Eye.  And you, who are reading it right now, are under that same Eye.

     Not of Mordor.   Of course not.

     It is only the White Hand of Isengard, my friends.  Saruman the white wizard has ever been our friend.

     But.  It is always a good time to . . . think carefully.  Choose your friends.


  1. This reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode. Google has chosen to provide "To Serve Man" what nobody realizes os that its a cookbook!

  2. If outer space is to be endlessly probed and re-probed,

    If the deepest caves are subject to bunker-buster bombs,

    If the atom is not protected from being split, collided, fissioned, and fused,

    If the genome is officially patent-able,

    Who are we to expect anything different?

    What Man foists upon Creation, He foists upon Himself.

  3. And when I see a vehicle of the outer space with its small inner space in the nighttime sky I say "Get out of there!" as I would to a fox in the henhouse. -- Wendell Berry "Some Further Words"

  4. google "main core"

    that's really about the size of it.

    ~Are you jeffery Lebowski?