Saturday, May 26, 2012

Against Annihilation Of The Spirit

A review of a blog post

     Arthur Silber has re-posted an article that he originally posted five years ago, because he thinks that the subject is still relevant.  I agree; and that is why I am here linking to his article -- "Against Annihilation Of The Spirit:  Let Us All Become Cowards" -- at his "power of narrative" blog.

     Mr. Silber is one of the most thoroughly consistent anti-war writers that I know of.  He touches upon historical, human, psychological and philosophical aspects of war (and war-justifiers) that many better-known writers leave unexamined.

     The post that I have linked to is one of his milder offerings.  In others, which are easily accessible at his website, his images are so sickening that they are revolting;  his invective is horribly profane and morally indefensible;  his conclusions are beyond the pale -- and for all that, I urge you to read him with an open mind, ready to try to understand his point of view, because I think he is talking about something so important, and so poorly understood by many of us, that we must allow ourselves to be shocked at all levels by what must be said and how it must be said.

     I hereby withhold, for the moment, passing any further specific judgment on what he says.  I urge you to read him and form your own opinions.

*       *       *

     Arthur Silber refers to the movie, The Americanization Of Emily, in his post.  A relevant video link can be found here.

     I may offer my opinions in the comments section below, as may you.  Feel free to agree or disagree, strongly or mildly.  (Though, if we express ourselves, let us keep a tone of civility which Mr. Silber, for certain reasons, might refuse to follow.)

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