Monday, May 14, 2012

"Hiroshima Tactics" For Total War on Islam?

     Please read this link, " 'Hiroshima Tactics' For Total War on Islam,"  about a course of study that has been used to train certain high-level decision-makers -- and orders-takers -- in our military, and then come back here, if you will.



      Now, let's slowly run down several questions.

     1.  Think about your friends and family who are in the military -- for the finest and most self-sacrificial of motives.  Are they being influenced (or controlled) by people who think that they should try to convince whoever they can that America's real "terrorist enemy" is the Islamic faith itself -- and that under foreseeable circumstances, "Hiroshima tactics" of nuclear obliteration of cities are to be seriously contemplated to deal with this perceived threat?

     2. Think about your favorite political party, or your favorite candidate for elective office.  Are they/he/she being influenced, or controlled, by people who think like this?

     3.  Think about your favorite social organization.  Is it being influenced, or run, by people who think like this?

     4.  Think about the shapers of our social thinking:  grade schools, high schools, universities, news presenters and commentators, media producers, and celebrities.  Not just the "other guys," but the ones you (and I) like.  Do they think like this?

     5.  Is our nation, and are other nations, being influenced/run by people who think like this?

     6.  Think about yourself, your friends, and your family.  Are you/they being influenced by people who think like this?  Are you/they starting to think like this?  Why do you think what you do, and why do other people see things the same way, or differently?

     7.  Think about your church (or synagogue, or mosque).  Are you/they being led by people who think like this?  Perhaps a more ultimate question:  Does the Holy One think like this?   Does He really?  Why?

     8.  What is to be done, if anything?

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     Thanks to the Doc for sending me the link that inspired this post.  Comments always welcome.

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