Saturday, August 11, 2012

Feeding The Homeless : Banned

     Once again, I am indebted to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for drawing attention to a situation that I was previously unaware of -- several cities in America have actively banned certain private, or religious, or charitable efforts to feed the homeless.

     The original article was posted, anonymously, at OpEdNews website on March 24 of this year.  Dr. Roberts picked it up on March 25.  It received a new surge of interest in June.  I just ran across it today.

     Please draw your own inferences and conclusions about this information, its reliability, and what it signifies.  I am in the process of drawing mine.

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     Comments are of course most welcome.

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  1. Of course, the Evangelical church is more interested in spying on and killing all "terrorists" foreign and domestic, most of whom have never and would never harm a soul.

    They, the Vigilant Patriots, are, on the other hand, quite interested in damning any and all the fires of hell. At least the view of hell they inherited from Milton. But they don't know that.

    Jesus said to do the things he did. He fed people. He was, in effect, homeless. He said the Holy Spirit would remind us of all his teachings.

    Can it be the Holy Spirit if it's telling to fear our "enemies" and neglect the poor?