Friday, August 3, 2012

Reflections On A Medical Career

     Not mine, I assure you.

     But Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has featured a post that is well worth reading, written by an ophthalmologist in Tennessee who retired this past April, probably earlier than he would have needed to if things had been different.

     I promise you that the writer is articulate, informed, experienced, and well worth reading.  He will take up ten or fifteen minutes of your time.

     I am not mentioning this for the sake of my many Republican and Democrat friends, especially Christian ones, almost none of whom will be impressed by anything this retiring doctor has to say.  They have nothing but scorn for another doctor, an obstetrician, who is also retiring this year -- from public life, in his case.  (After watching this phenomenon occur repeatedly for the last few years, I am coming to understand some of the reasons why this categorical rejection occurs; and the reasons are so deeply a part of their thinking, for so long, that it is impossible for me to seriously imagine that they will change.  I have only lately come to terms with this.)

     Rather, I am providing this link for the very small handful of people who regularly read this blog.  For you.

     What this retiring doctor has to say may be of real benefit to you personally, and family members who care about what you think and do, and why.  (And who may depend upon you, too.)  He deserves as wide a reading as possible, because -- precisely because -- not one in ten people will pay him any attention.  But some of the readers of this blog will.

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     Again, here is the link.  Comments are always welcome, of course.


  1. A good article and I certainly agreed with his list of things to avoid.

    It reminded me of the "New Order of Barbarians", where Dr. Day let some doctors in on some inside information. Are you familiar with it?

  2. castiron: No I was not familiar with Dr. Day's story.

    But now I am, thanks to your link. I read it top to bottom.

    Information with a lot of implications.


  3. Reading Dr. Robert Dobson's (far from Dr. James Dobson, of course) article reminded me of a realization I've had over the last year:

    There is no hope for the USA.
    There is no hope for the Constitution.
    There is no hope for the Dollar.
    There is no hope for the Democratic Party.
    There is no hope for the Republican Party.
    There is no hope for the Tea Party.
    There is no hope for the individual states.

    There is some hope for small farming community in Southwestern Kentucky.

    There is certainly hope for my neighbors.

    There is certainly hope for my family.

    The wise doctor gives, towards the end of the article, wise advice for living within the borders of hope.