Saturday, September 29, 2012

Paul Craig Roberts: Two Articles

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     I am here providing links to two recent articles by Paul Craig Roberts.  My own personal reading and observations cause me to think that he is telling the truth.

     And if he is telling the truth, it is important.  We are being systematically lied to by our media-led government.

     His first article,  A Culture Of Delusion, deals with events beginning in the 1980s and 1990s and moves to recent consequences.

     His second article:  How The Government's Lies Become Truth, focus on the current media-government campaigns against Iran and against Julian Assange.

     If you believe the MSM-CBS-NBC-ABC-CNN-FOX spin, you may find his conclusions unpalatable.

     Please read, consider, research, and speak out.

*       *       *

  As a follow-up, you may want to read Mr. Assange's recent words to the U.N.


  1. I was told recently that I hate America. Because I won't vote for the R. candidate.

    I don't listen or read to MSM news. Just the delivery feels like brainwashing, the multiple screens, the rolling news flashes, the news castor walking around the studio or sitting in cushy chairs, being the expert or the eye candy talking about war with a smile. Then the constant break aways from one topic to another to another to commercials (with their own set of brainwashing techniques to snap you into another state of reality) then back to more chatter for the short-atteniton-spanned audience. I'd rather get a root-canal than suffer thru that.

    But when I do watch a youtube clip of a news program or read a forwarded email, I'm surprised of the "hate" and fear in their knee-jerk reactions. The only thing I hate is sin and being lied too. They seem to hate half the country, either the R's or the D's, depending on their political leaning.

  2. In his biography of St. Francis of Assisi, GK Chesterson has many insights into the fundamental difference between history and journalism.

    Chesterton made that significant distinction back in the 1920s.

    He also said much about the difference between the local wars of city-states and the international wars of treaties and alliances -- all in a book about St. Francis.

    It's a must-read.