Monday, September 17, 2012

Two Questions

I have thought
that one Ultimate Question
would be, Can God
Fold The Cosmos,
which is all well and good
that we already
know the Answer to that one.

A more practical question
of mine
long asked but only recently
in precisely
this way:

I address it to Padraig
-- who else,
which other holy one? --
Your Wild Goose:
How was He
about Plans?

*       *       *

You may find this interesting.

*       *       *

Sorry I can't reply to comments right now.  Google (the provider of this blogsite) isn't letting me post comments, either with my "Google Account," nor Anonymous-ly.  I wonder if other people who try to comment run into the same problem.  But how would they let me know?


  1. I remember a discussion we had in Trig back in 2002-2003 about logical quandaries regarding God.

    You mentioned the question, "Can God make a rock too big for him to lift."

    The other students and I pondered for a moment, tossed out some ideas, then you answered, "Of course he can -- then he'll lift it."

    I've quoted you more than once since then.

  2. Also, "Your wild Goose is a powerful image.

    Could it be that questions leave room what one doesn't know while statements, unless carefully crafted, assume too much?