Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crazy Google Stats

     In the last couple of days this site got hit with some statistical anomalies.

     1.  I got about ten spam comments. (I usually get about one per month.)  They slipped through the spam filter, which is usually very good, and made it to the comments postings.  I deleted them.  I agree that they are basically harmless.

     2.  For the last several days, I supposedly got about 5-10 times the usual site visits.  Sounds nice, but the trafffic statistics (referring sites, keywords) don't add up.   So what is producing all the fresh access?  Not a new post.  The last one is more than a week old.

     3.  For the moment, at least, Google thinks that I started this site in October 2008.  Actually, I started in October 2010.

     All the above is sober truth.  So now I'm thinking:  why these strange statistics?  It must be sinister . . .

     Hey, maybe the government has taken over Google!  Phony employment statistics, phony budget statistics, why not phony blog statistics?

     Wait!  Maybe Google has taken over the Government!  All those Congressional staffers are really Google agents, and they are making their move. . . .

     No!  I get it!  Google has been taken over by a secret operation running out of Iran! or China! . . . Both!  This is the cyberwar they've been warning us about.  It's the End of the West, As We Know It!

     Hunker down.

*       *       *

     (4. And, I still can't seem to post comments on my own site from my computer.)

     Not complaining, just letting you know.


  1. Or maybe it's the Government of Oceania, and we're living in Orwell's Airstrip Two.

    Sequestration, ho!

  2. I knew that somehow those gay muslims were taking over our intrawebs.

    Also when I hear the word sequester it somehow makes me think of the word castration. Like the kind of castration fancy rich cows would get.