Sunday, February 3, 2013

Old Believers: Their Very Own Story

     Here is a fascinating story of some Russian "Old Believers."  I knew that some communities of Old Believers had long ago established colonies in Russian Alaska. But this is a more recent story, published by the Smithsonian on line:

     For forty years, this Russian family was cut off from human contact.

     A real life survivalist story.  Enjoy.

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  1. Oh, I saw that article and was amazed. I watched the youtube video that was linked in the article too. It was fascinating just seeing the pictures and the video, even tho the documentary was all in Russian.

    There's a book about it, someone mentioned in the comments of the original article, "Lost in the Taiga." Because of it's sudden popularity, the book is sky-high on amazon. I put it on my amazon wish list, maybe some more copies will show up and it'll go down in price.