Friday, April 5, 2013

Fred Reed And Henry Makow On Sexual Relations

     I herewith post links to two sites on the Net, with articles that I think are worth reading.  My explanation for these choices will be brief, not comprehensive. 


Fred Reed's site: Fred On Everything.

     On heterosexual relationships:  Fred Reed is formerly a writer for newspapers in the United States, now living in Mexico.  Born in small-town West Virginia, his life experience stretches from the Vietnam War and time in Asia, to covering the police-beat for the Washington Times.  He has a very wide libertarian streak and advertises his writing as "scurrilous commentary," so if you need to be forewarned, be forewarned.

     He has written three "chapters of a book" that talks to American men about the advantages, and otherwise, of not marrying American women, in preference to marrying women from the "Third World."  I will let him explain.  Here are the links to the three "chapters":

Chapter One       Chapter Two       Chapter Three


Henry Makow's site : Save The Males.

     On homosexual relationships:  Henry Makow writes from his home country of Canada.  I needed to read quite a few of his posts before I understood where he is coming from, but in his own words, he is "exposing Feminism and the New World Order" (both in the capital-letter sense).  He often prints articles by contributors, as in this case.

     His current subject is the mandated (in parts of Canada) teaching of "gay lifestyle" to school children, and what he posts is intended to counter that.  If the writing is raw, it is because the subject matter is raw.  Again: if you need to be forewarned, be forewarned.


     Understand that I am not giving you my point of view, nor endorsing either of these writers.  I have chosen to stay out of the various "culture-wars" debates, pretty much, and this post does not signal any change in my stance.  But both of these writers have brought forward some important facts that I think warrant serious consideration for people who are having to live life, whether or not they join the "wars."

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