Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kirk Brooks: A Poem

     Thanks to Mr. Brooks for making this poem available to the readers of Sycamore Three.

“For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”
“Man cannot live on bread alone…”

I’ll kill myself before 
I would, 

I am electronic, a machine.

I am clean, hairless, plastic, 
I know the facts,
so I stick to the formulas,
I have calculated the elimination of any risk
I am safe, 
I am protected, 
I am entertained by the screen
I believe it.
I am like everyone else, 
plugged in and
I believe in it.

I am devoid of meaning
what I mean is, 
there is a void in me

I am a poet who writes poetry! 
…but only in my dreams
and when I wake I don’t understand what it means
I disregard it.

I have heard of the poor ones who ate what grew from the ground
and sweat just to feed themselves.
Poor ones. 
To get your food from the dirt,
how absurdly

my food served to me 
by my cellophane clean 
poly carbonate plastic 
sanitary savior
so crystal clear
and bpa free 
I love you, 
I love me I love me
I’m clean!

I am electronic, 
I am plugged in, battery powered, a machine.

I get my nutrients from a pill, 
manufactured by the corporation who also
manufactures the bottle of liquid energy 
I need
lasts for 5 hours, guaranteed
so you see, I don’t need 

the earth. 

or dirt. 

I am clean, efficient, 
I am a machine
I stick to the formula, 
like the computer 
that knows what I need

I am in control of my destiny,
I know my facts and ignore my feelings,
I allow nothing unpredictable, I predict
all things, 
I am safe, 

I am a suicide-

machine and I’ll kill myself 
before I would, 


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