Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Word About Fukushima Is Getting Out

 Full disclosure:  I don’t like to quote from WND as a reliable source for much of anything — not because they cannot be; they can; but — because while they report important truth from time to time, they also intentionally suppress and spin and ignore and contradict important truth, too.  Still, I give them credit here — and importantly, they are ahead of the MSM on this subject.
2. From the UK’s Daily Mail On-LIne:  ’Fukishima fall-out fears as DOUBLE the normal amount of radiation is found in Missouri snow and San Francisco beach busts safety levels prompting investigation’
This article was also referenced at Lew Rockwell’s website.

3.  There is much more information about the very serious human and ecological fall-out from Fukushima that is freely available on the web.  I intend to be linking to some of it in the near future.
I find myself constantly amazed at two related phenomena:
     1.  For a 24/7 news-media that is supposedly "bold" and "cutting edge", the MSM have been remarkably "incurious," shall we say, about this on-going disaster -- much as they walked away from the BP oil spill, and many other stories too incompatible with a "progressive" narrative of current events.
     2.  For a conservative, "Christian" media consciousness that is supposedly committed to "truth" and "engagement with the world," they have been remarkably "incurious" too.  They seem to be very easily distracted by any events, real or staged, which are more compatible with their orientation to "culture wars," arguing about the finer points of Reformation doctrine, the run-up to the Superbowl, "reality shows," etc.  But not interested in anything that threatens the Walt-Disney-Hollywood-Americanist view of the world.  Pass the corn chips and diet soda.
     There, I said it.


  1. Your comments at the end of this entry seem to fit with your earlier post regarding the Dictators of the Narrative.

    They know that the corn-fed "panem et circenses" populace doesn't want their smartphone newsfeeds (an ironically appropriate term) glutted with the consequences of Feedlot Capitolism.

  2. ' Feedlot Capitolism' - !
    That phrase is a keeper, Justin
    -- RH