Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Side of Pakistan

       A couple of years ago, the United States Press/Government started using the phrase 'Af-Pak War' to refer to whatever their death campaign is doing in south-central Asia.  A pretty off-handed way of referring to war, don't you think?  Not only do people lose their individual identities -- whole countries are reduced to acronyms that fit well on Pentagon spreadsheets, news-magazine covers, and power-point sound bites.

       Our wannabe-Christian military recruits our wannabe-Christian kids to sit in army compounds in front of computer screens, little robots running robots to execute the damned Drone Wars upon the tribes people in the mountain villages along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, while US/British/Israeli security agents operate in the shadows in the urban power-centers of Islamabad and Karachi, cranking out false-flag terror operations or targeted assassinations to "destabilize" one party or another in the never ending, balance-of-power, revolution-of-the-month-club operation they run.  God bless America/Britain/Israel.  They seem to think it is always His will, like Hitler's, to control the brown people.

       Brown or not, there are millions of real human beings, not acronyms, in Pakistan.  They live their lives.  Here is what some of them do.  Take three minutes and listen to their singing. 

       I'm over fifty, so that song is special to me.  I was there, and I can remember, when the writer of that song, Karen Lafferty, came to a little coffee house in Albuquerque and sang for us.  Us, in this case, being about thirty or forty Jesus People.  Mostly, young hippie peace-and-love types who had met the Holy Spirit, fallen in love with Jesus, and went around making up and singing songs and doing other good crazy things.

       However, that was then and this is now.  American Christianity has moved on to clearer understanding.   Forget those awful kumbaya-peace-and-love-hippie-Jesus-days.  The latest word is that God has rediscovered His Anger and it is His will, like Churchill's, to call us all forth in the latest, most-newly-revised desperate fight to save Christian/Jewish civilization from the Eastern Threat (Huns, Yellow Peril, Communism, Radical Islam, pick one or more).  We are all Warriors now.  This is the 21st Century -- we don't live in reality; we make reality.

       Well, time changes some things, and not others.  I'm glad to see that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost have found a place in the hearts of some good people in Pakistan.

       I'm just hoping that the CIA doesn't bomb them, and that Mossad doesn't dress up like radical extremists and gun them down.

       Heard of Norway, recently?


  1. Robert,

    Very well said!

    Thank you for taking the time to talk at Future Congress, being able to meet you was a highlight for me after hearing Michael talk about you the past few years on the podcast.

    I'll be subscribing to you blog now.

    God bless.

    Von AKA: Vonster

  2. Thanks, Von. I'm looking forward to your input on various subjects we cover here.