Monday, December 31, 2012

2012, RIP

     Thus today quietly passes 2012, the year that the world ended.  The Mayas told us so.

     Before moving on into tomorrow, it might be worth a couple of moments' reflection on all the distraction and disinformation that caught up our media-driven consciousness.

     Who sourced this hype?  Where did it come from?  It didn't come from the Mayas, that's for sure.  The calendar-makers are long dead, and their descendants who still live today in the same area of Central America didn't foist this upon us.

     Who believed it, or half-way believed it?  The media creators?  Your friends and neighbors?  You?  Me?  Or only the Dumb People?

     Who benefited from all this distraction?  Was it just to sell more commercial time, make a little money?  You know, like William Randolph Hearst hyped the Spanish-American War into existence.  Just to sell newspapers and make a little more money.  Right?

     What were they doing, while our media-affected eyes were looking the other way?  Setting us up for 2013?  World without end, amen?

     Perhaps we shall soon see.  Happy New Year.

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