Sunday, December 9, 2012

William Cavanaugh: The Myth Of Religious Violence

A link to a video.

     If, like me, you are someone who feels that you have been caught in the Left-Right Paradigm (that has been used to direct and control Western -- and American -- civilization for a couple of hundred years),  and . . .

     If you suspect that most of what you are getting from the broadcast-cable media and big publishers is pushing something onto you that you doubt is fully true, and know you don't really want, and . . .

     If you would like some perspectives to help in backing out of The Standard Approved Mental Box into a clearer, more honest and thoughtful space . . .

     Then I think you will like this video link, The Myth Of Religious Violence.  It is a recording of a speech by the theologian William Cavanaugh given to an audience in Wellington, New Zealand, on July 30, 2012.

     I advise you:  the whole speech lasts over 57 minutes, and it gets off to a slow start for the first 5 or so minutes.  That is okay.  This is no sound bite; it is also not an interview.  It is only one of several speeches by a careful Christian scholar and researcher.

     I further advise:  Unlike the talking heads (that we all know and love), he doesn't claim to have all the answers.  But what he does have is some excellent commentary on current trains of public thought, Western domestic and foreign policy (mostly American), and a more comprehensive perspective on matters political and religious than a whole lot of better-known and more popular people.

     You can find out more about Dr. Cavanaugh, and his books and articles, here.

*       *       *

     There is a second video, 'Myth Of The Free Market,' which is a speech in the same series, given by Dr. Cavanaugh on the following day.

      I am indebted to Charles Burris, a contributor to Lew Rockwell's website, for bringing this fine thinker to my attention.  Comments are most welcome.

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