Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Guns Of August And September

     August 1914.  After years (centuries) of conflicts between protestants, capitalists, catholics, socialists, orthodox, nationalists, revolutionaries, communists, anarchists, freemasons, muslims, hindus, and various other interested parties, a planned political assassination in central Europe is transmuted into a "Great Power" confrontation by the political and financial elites.  This manufactured crisis is intentionally fanned into the flames of popular "outrage" and ginned-up "war fever" by the European press, and especially the British press, which is acting on the knowledge that un-elected, un-accountable decision-makers in the City of London have decided that this is the best way to advance their "interests" -- the usual inspiring, intoxicating, insipid cocktail of money, sex, and power for themselves -- while carrying banners, flags, crosses, crescents, guns, messages of optimism, messages of pessimism, apocalyptic notions, etc, etc.  A line is drawn around Belgium, the violation of whose sovereignty adds the necessary politically-moral touch.  To awaken American fears, and a desire to "save civilization,"  the Germans suddenly become "the Huns."
     The result is four-years of World War I, followed by its inglorious aftermath.

     August-September 1939.  After (twenty-five more) years of conflict between "all of the above," and with the addition of "game changers" like Nazis, Japanese, anti-colonialists, Chinese, etc., the same old game is re-played with higher stakes.  A line is drawn around the latest version of the borders of Poland, the violation of whose sovereignty add the necessary politically-moral touch.  The political and financial elites, well-prepared for these eventualities, direct the "world press" to fan the flames of popular outrage and war fever, trot out flags and symbols old and new, and have at it.  The enemy are "the Narzis" (Churchill's term) and the "yellow Japs" (American term).
     The result is six-years of World War II, followed by its inglorious aftermath.

     August 1964.  After another 25 years of conflict, now focused on "capitalists" vs. "communists," a United States warship conducting surveillance operations is attacked by the gunboats of North Vietnam.  Despite the fact that North Vietnam is a decidedly minor power (in fact, it is only one-half of a country), and that the "attack" by the gunboats did not even take place -- that's right, it was a false flag operation completely manufactured by the US National Security Agency and sold to an eager President and Congress -- this is held to be an event of such importance that the United States must send a half-million-man army to settle the matter.  The political and financial elites, well-prepared for these eventualities, direct the American "press" to stir up America's ever-ready righteous juices of "anti-communism" and "freedom for all the peoples of the world."  This time the enemy are the "gooks."
     The result is eleven years of the Viet Nam War, followed by its inglorious aftermath.

     August 1990.  After another 26 years, the "communist threat" is beginning to fade and America needs new foes to fight.  The Middle East looks like a good place to find them.  Our old client, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, takes it upon himself to invade and occupy the territory of Kuwait, and this gives us a chance to play the "good guys."  Immediately following the invasion, American public relations firms hired by the Kuwaitis plant false stories about Kuwaiti babies being dumped from hospital incubators by Iraqi soldiers, and of course the world-renowned American love of righteousness and little babies is again awakened.  The political and financial elites, better prepared than ever for these eventualities, prosecute an expensive war and project American power half-way around the world.  The enemy is "Saddam" (temporarily pronounced Sodom, for purposes of demonizing) and his "Republican Guards."
     The result, this time, is glorious:  a brief but expensive, exciting, victorious war, that "erases" the "bad feelings" about Viet Nam, and the oil flows freely again.  The aftermath is inglorious, however:  American enforced no-fly zones, treachery in dealings with Iraqi factions, sanctions of food and medicine, eventual invasion of Iraq "to defend our freedoms," participation in all sides of a civil war, etc, twenty-four years and counting.

     September 2001.  Four airplanes are used to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Within 24 hours it is positively identified in the press that this was perpetrated by 19 hijackers whose names are known.  Despite the fact that 15 of them are from Saudi Arabia, whose "intelligence" operations are known to be well-financed, widespread, vicious, authoritarian, and arbitrary (and largely controlled by the Bin Laden family, who are close friends of the Bush family), the political-financial-propaganda elites quickly turn "world attention" to Afghanistan, whose Taliban government (also vicious, authoritarian, etc.) happens to be resisting the plans for an American oil pipeline project.  The Saudi connection is conveniently forgotten.  Americans can then turn their attention to punishing Afghans and other "ragheads" and "sand niggers."  (Their terms, not mine.)
     The result is a "Global War On Terror," a war on Islam, etc. etc.  Thirteen years and counting.

     September 2013.  The US government, arming and directing the "Free Syrian Army," (with the help of Saudi intelligence), and seeking to overthrow the elected government of Bashir Assad, plans direct intervention.  The enemy is the "atrocities" committed (exclusively by) Bashir Assad, which must be stopped.  (Rebel atrocities, including chemical weapons, as well as beheadings of old bishops and young men, are not so bad.)  The usual gang of political-financial-globalist elites are apparently a little bit "off their game" this time, because the pre-planned intervention does not take place:  perhaps it is the involvement of Russia, perhaps it is the outspoken opposition by the American people, perhaps cooler heads prevail in the Pentagon, or perhaps it is something else.
     Anyway the result this time is:  no overt intervention in Syria.  (Covert operations may, of course, proceed as deemed appropriate.)

     August 2014.  The new enemy emerges in Iraq.  Using arms it has captured, purchased, received, or otherwise acquired from the United States / Europe / Saudi / Israel sources, it poses an "existential threat" to everybody.  The enemy is "ISIS," or "ISIL," or more recently, the "Islamic State." This time, beheadings are bad again, because it happened to a young American journalist (with apparently close ties to the US intelligence "community") on a video (though there are some questions about the manufacture of that video); and there are the Yazidi "refugees" about whom we have a sudden concern  (only to discover that their numbers were inflated, their circumstances misrepresented, their desire to be rescued was overstated, and their long-hallowed traditions of "honor killings" -- stoning their women to death on a regular basis -- had gone temporarily unnoticed).
     The President must DO something!  Though we don't know what he should do, since we don't even have a clear idea what is going on.

     Stay tuned.  We're still in August.


  1. Well summed up.

    Idea for next post: going backwards from WWI to the start of European perusal of the North American continent.

  2. This means if we make it to October, we're home free for ten months! (except for that pesky October stock market thing...maybe the Aug/Sept wars are tied to the October financial collapses...)

  3. Anon @ 5:16:
    Thanks. Yes, it deserves a further post -- which may be forthcoming. -- Robert Heid