Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tipping Point?

     Hi.  Have you had a tipping point this week?  (Or recently, or even long ago, that made a permanent  difference for you.)

     I did.  I will not tell you mine (yet), and you can decide not to tell me yours (yet).  Let's give the things that were all piled on one side of the see-saw time enough to slide to the other side.  And that might take a little while.

     Other people are having their tipping points, too.  One of them is Ellen Finnigan.  She writes about it here.  It is personal to her, and is probably not exactly the same as yours.  It is not exactly the same as mine, either.  But also, not exactly different.

     Point is, those tipping points are happening.  And have happened.  And will happen.

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