Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bill Moyers Interviews Wendell Berry

     My good friend Kirk Brooks called to tell me that he was listening to a Wendell Berry interview on the radio, and I might want to listen to it, too.  I did; and turned the radio on right away, not knowing how far into the interview he was, and what I might have already missed.

     It turned out that the radio program was the sound portion of a very recent and very rare video interview that was done by Bill Moyers.  Rare, because Mr. Berry does television interviews only rarely;  and recent, because the video has apparently just been released to the internet.  One quick on-line search, and I found it.  And so, as it turned out, I got to both hear and watch the entire presentation.

     I think that people who are familiar with Wendell Berry's life and writings will enjoy watching this interview; and for those who have not yet made his acquaintance, this might be a good time.  The presentation runs for a little less than an hour.

     Here is the link to the Bill Moyers interview with Wendell Berry.

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