Thursday, December 12, 2013

Why I Am Not Going To Buy A Kindle

Guest post by Justin Adams

To whom it may concern:

This is in response to your recently advertised 30-day trial for Kindles.

I am a teacher and have used Kindles in class in conjunction with book studies.  They have not been at all conducive to the classroom.  Students cannot take them home (since purchased at such high cost), so I cannot assign reading at home and must therefore rely on class time for students to read.  It has tripled the normal time it would take for my class to read a book.

Inconvenience aside (ironic considering the device's touted convenience), I also do not support Kindle, or any other reading/book app, regardless of platform, because the popularity of such technology could very well lead to the elimination of physical books in the near future, which a company's demand for limitless growth must necessitate.

Physical books possess the innate capacity to survive decades without a reliable power source.  If the electricity goes out, physical books retain all usefulness.  Kindles (and the like), on the other hand, would quickly consign themselves to no more than expensive plastic paperweights in such an event.

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