Saturday, December 14, 2013

When A Soldier Makes It Home

     The Keepers Of The Narrative don't like it when folks get "off message" -- but they haven't completely shut them up yet, at least on the subject of war.

     Wendell Berry has a great short-story, "Making It Home," about a Kentucky farmer who survives the Second World War in Europe and manages to muster out of the army, catch a bus, and then walk the last few miles back to his family farm, alone, thinking about what he has seen.  It is Berry's propensity for telling stories like this, I think, that keeps him at arm's length from the political-media establishment in this country -- and the church establishment as well.  Of course, I could be wrong about that: no doubt there are other, better reasons.

     Anyway, I was listening to Arlo Guthrie today on You Tube, and this song that I am about to link to made me think of Wendell Berry, and war, and where we all are in all of this -- right in the middle, whether we admit it or not.

     Arlo Guthrie video:  When A Soldier Makes It Home.

     Lyrics here.

     Have a listen, while the "corporate"-government censorship of YouTube is only moderately stifling.  The video is about seven minutes long.

*       *       *

     Wendell Berry was recently interviewed by Bill Moyers.  Here are two men of letters, the same age,  who chose somewhat different roads.

     While we are talking about Bill Moyers, he just recently posted something about the threat to our democracy from a takeover by the "mercenary class."  An interesting read.

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