Saturday, September 14, 2013

America's Masked Men

     "Supporting al-Qaida" can get you in trouble.

      People in America have been prosecuted for contributing to Muslim charities, even "government approved" ones, on some legal theory that they are really funding "terrorists,"  like Al-Qaida.

      "Ties to al-Qaida" was public justification enough to decide that Saddam Hussein must be overthrown by war.

     On the other hand, the CIA can covertly, or even openly, send money and ship weapons (including WMDs like poison gas) in support of the very same al-Qaida.  They cut deals, and break deals, with whomever they want, with no respect to any law.

     But speaking of law,  US federal law makes it a crime to even reveal who they are, to common citizens such as ourselves.  High government officials are liable for serious prison time if they should dare to name names.  (Remember "Scooter" Libby, the guy in the Bush Administration who got prosecuted for that?)

     Don't be surprised to find out that they can threaten journalists, congressmen, presidents, and private citizens who get in their way.

     Who are these masked men?



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  1. Counterpunch has an interesting article about who some of the masked men have been, and what they have done.