Thursday, September 19, 2013

Linking To The Mendeleyev Journal

     When I find a very interesting link, or website, I like to pass it on to the readers of Sycamore Three.  I just found another one.  (The website has been in existence about five years, and has received hundreds of thousands of hits; so I'm late to the game, as usual.)

     If you are interested in historical, cultural, or religious affairs in Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe, I think this is a great resource.   Hosted by an American journalist who has been in "the former Soviet Union" for some years, and who has been privileged to travel regularly, as a member of the foreign press, with the very top recent Russian leaders, Medvedev and Putin, the information given is of good quality.

     This link will get you to the "About" page of the Mendeleyev Journal.  Take it from there.

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