Saturday, September 21, 2013

Looking Behind The Curtain Of Obamacare

     Since the New Deal began in the 1930s, about 90% of all federal laws are "administrative," meaning that they are manufactured, published, and enforced by bureaucrats.  Congress is kept in "idle" mode, and the job of the federal judiciary is to sort it all out and make sense of it all.  And the responsibility of the Supreme Court is to "ratify" it all as "constitutional." (Remember Chief Justice John Roberts' crucial fifth vote on Obamacare?  He knew what he had to do.)

     Obamacare was conceived in some obscure think tank somewhere; and here we all are.  And how are we going to shut down a think tank?

     Actually, this way of generating federal law was all old hat even in the late 60s, which I remember.  The system was set up and put in place long before my generation, the Baby Boomers, were even born -- in fact, before my parents' generation was even old enough to fight in World War II.  So far as I know, nobody has figured out what to do about it -- as in, how to stop it, let alone reverse it.

     By the way, I'm not mad at anybody who hasn't "taken the Red Pill" yet.  Most people don't even know that there is a Red Pill.  But this is "The Matrix," folks.

     If you doubt the truth, or significance, of what I am saying, I refer you to the ever-growing "Federal Register."  See what laws you are responsible to obey in this country, and see who promulgated them.  Good luck and happy reading.  I'll bet your eyes glaze over.  I'll bet you won't be able to make sense of even half of it.  I bet you'll say, "I can't believe anybody has time to even read all this stuff."  And I'll bet you're right.

     Not really trying to make excuses for my generation.  Just saying. YMMV.

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