Friday, September 6, 2013

Strong Pictures, Strong Words

     It's time to switch from the NFL openers, sports fans.  It's time to shut off the Disney Channel, Christians.  Time to stop watching all the survivor shows, reality-tv addicts.

     Here is a still photo (and accompanying article) of Syrian-rebel atrocities.  It was clipped from a lengthy video that made some of the staff at New York Times "sick." And even this video, they say in the article, was redacted -- they blanked over the worst parts.  Furthermore, you can probably find it on YouTube if you look (I'm not recommending that), because that's where, several weeks ago, I found the one where the rebels ("our guys," you know) beheaded a Christian bishop, the event fully captured by a cell-phone camera.  Yes, it was very sickening.  Obscenely sickening.

    I'd like to say, to those Masters of the Narrative at New York Times,  "This is the first time you saw?  This is the first time you knew?"

    Even if you happened to somehow miss that other recent video I just mentioned,  I still don't think so.  I have a long memory -- long enough to remember the circumstances that gave rise to a song with these lines:  "How many times can a man turn his face, And pretend that he just doesn't see?"   It wasn't just a song -- it was a pointer to a muddy, bloody reality -- a totally unnecessary war. 

     Let's get real, people.  Sports are fun; Disney is entertaining; we may even be learning "something" from reality-tv.  I'm not asking anybody to permanently abandon their innocent amusements.

     But take the time to see this and process it.  And ask yourself, as a fully alive human being:  "What does my body -- my living human body -- think about what is going on here?  Can I put myself in the mindset, and in the body-set, of this situation?", because this is strong stuff.

     And the whole world is watching.  You can bet, in the recent summit, that Obama, Putin, Cameron, and their staffs -- everybody knew.  These pictures cut through a ton of bureaucratic drivel, diplomatic posturing, military "intelligence estimates," nightly-news-spots, and political horse-shit.

     Yes, I said horse-shit, on the civil, friendly, and intelligent pages of this blog.  I don't often do that.  (And I want any comments to be restrained: I'll do the ranting here.)  But it is far better to talk about it now, in plain, strong, manly language, than to wait until the real thing hits the fan, when we are finally forced to realize what has been really going on, so badly, for so long -- and our own "Media-Government-National-Security" people's complicity and connivance in the whole thing, because we hadn't been paying attention.

     Which brings me to George Carlin.  He talked about this kind of stuff years ago.  Some people listened, but not enough -- he was not polite.  I suggest that some men around here need to listen to what he says, so I've provided a link below.  Women and children, I don't advise.  His language is awful.  But just remember he is trying to talk about awful truth.

     If you don't think you can take the language, don't click the Carlin link, I'm warning you.  Head back to ESPN, Disney, and reality-tv.  But something is still going to hit the fan -- and it already is.


     The US Government has no legitimate business, no moral right, and no "national security" reason to involve itself at all in the ghastly war that is going on in Syria.  Our hands are already bloody, and our "bipartisan" leadership is guilty, for arming anybody in this tragic and unnecessary conflict.

     The rebels are an unholy mixture of hotheads, recruits, mercenaries, and agents of Saudi Intelligence, carrying out their long mission to establish Wahhabi-faction supremacy over as many of their neighbors as they can.  Our agents have been supporting them, and giving them arms and encouragement.  They want to overthrow and replace the Alawites who control Syria.  They have much innocent blood on their hands.

     The Alawites do not want to be conquered.  They also have blood on their hands.

     The common people do not want war.

   If America has any role at all, it ought to be: to help to reduce and resolve conflict, not to provoke it.  Remember Iraq?



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  1. Neoconservatives Have already forgotten Iraq. Now they will hate Obama for doing the exact same thing as George Bush. George carlin was right we have no choice. We have not had choices for a very long time. And we are going to bomb Syria, for bombing Syria? What if Russia decided it did not like the 50,000,000 (legal) abortions our country has committed in the past 40 years, and decided it was going to bomb the east coast. Shit would really hit the fan then right? We wouldn't be talking bombing, maybe a nuke? We would be talking how MANY nukes. Yet we wonder why countries are angry when we police the world, and invade, bomb, kill whoever we want, whenever we want. Yet, Christians support this behavior. They drink the cool aid and go through the illusion motions of our "democratic" system. The same Christians get offended when some one drives by with rap music, cuss words flying, offended by someone wanting to smoke some weed on their couch. Offended by 2 people they don't know and won't know, wanting to get married, and are both guys. It's pathetic. --ryan Lefler